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2013The adsorption and release of caffeine and four catechins in tea pot materials周濟眾; Chi-Chung Chou; Ying-Zhi Lin; 林英至; 獸醫學系暨研究所
2015Assesment of Left Ventricular Myocardial Deformation Between Two Years by Speckle Tracking Echocardiography in Maltese Dogs with Mitral Regurgitation林荀龍; Shiun-Long Lin; Szu-Chi Liao; 廖斯齊; 獸醫學系暨研究所
2014Assessment of Glycosylated Hemoglobin A1c Concentrations as An Indicator of Diabetes Mellitus in Cats林荀龍; Feng-Jen Chang; 張逢仁; 獸醫學系暨研究所
2014Association between expressions of KIT with PI3K/AKT/mTOR signal transduction pathway and clinicopathological factors in canine cutaneous mast cell tumors張仕杰; Cho-Hau Yang; 楊筑皓; 獸醫學系暨研究所
2015The biological effects of commercial disinfectant on Eimeria tenella.董光中; Kwong-Chung Tung; Ting-I Sung; 宋亭熠; 獸醫學系暨研究所
2014Biological evaluation of ethanolic extracts of Vitis thunbergii in high-fat diet-fed C57BL/6J mice毛嘉洪; Hong-Ming Hsu; 徐宏銘; 獸醫學系暨研究所
2015The Characterization of Chicken Infectious Anemia Virus-like Particles Expressed by A Recombinant Fowlpox Virus沈瑞鴻; Jui–Hung Shien; Yi-Chia Lo; 羅翊嘉; 獸醫學系暨研究所
2008Characterization of Inflammatory cells Infiltration in Ischemic Rats黃勇三; Chuan-Wei Dong; 董全緯; 獸醫學系暨研究所
2015Clinical outcome in dogs with cutaneous mast cell tumors treated with neoadjuvant prednisolone and surgical excision張仕杰; Shih-Chieh Chang; Hui-Ju Wang; 王慧如; 獸醫學系暨研究所
2015Cloning and functional assay of a G-protein-coupled receptor membrane protein from chicken phagocytic mononuclear cells李龍湖; Long-Huw Lee; Yu-San Chen; 陳裕森; 獸醫學系暨研究所
2015Comparison of Electrical Velocimetry and Thermodilution Techniques for the Measurement of Cardiac Output王咸棋; Hsien-Chi Wang; Cheng-Chieh Chen; 陳正傑; 獸醫學系暨研究所
2015Comparison of the Effects of Dry Needle, Electroacupuncture and Laser Acupuncture on Induced Atopic Dermatitis in Rats賴政宏; Cheng-Hung Lai; Po-Ta Chen; 陳柏達; 獸醫學系暨研究所
2015Correlation Between Corneal Curvature and Age in French Bulldogs林荀龍; Shiun-Long Lin; Yu-Heng Lin; 林于恆; 獸醫學系暨研究所
2014Correlation between molecular phenotypes,chemotherapy response and prognosis in canine malignant mammary tumors張仕杰; Shih-Chieh Chang; Li-Ren Wang; 王俐人; 獸醫學系暨研究所
2015The correlation of molecular phenotypes, chemotherapy response, and prognosis in cats with mammary carcinomas張仕杰; Shih-Chieh Chang; Ti-Yun Lo; 羅禔芸; 獸醫學系暨研究所
2014CPR gene knockout ameliorates corneal wound healing induced by alkali burn in mice張力天; Lee-Tian Chang; Tsung-Han Hsieh; 謝宗翰; 獸醫學系暨研究所
2014Deletion of the CPR gene prevent streptozotocin-induced hyperglycemia in mice張力天; Lee-Tian Chang; Tzu-Yi Hu; 胡慈驛; 獸醫學系暨研究所
2015Detection of beak and feather disease virus antigen by antigen-capture ELISA王之仰; Chi-Young Wang; Chia-Fang Ho; 何佳芳; 獸醫學系暨研究所
2014Detection of liver metastasis in alternative CT-26 mouse model by using high-frequency ultrasound imaging毛嘉洪; Tsai-Jung Chuang; 莊采蓉; 獸醫學系暨研究所
2015Detection of MAGE-A in Normal Canine Tissues by Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction張仕杰; Shih-Chieh Chang; Yen-Hao Lai; 賴彥豪; 獸醫學系暨研究所