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2015Action Research on Food and Farming Education- A Case of An Urban Elementary School董時叡; Shih-Jui Tung; 曹錦鳳; Chin-Feng Tsao; 生物產業管理研究所
2015The difference of consuming motivation on community's culture creative commodities versus different lifestyle consumers' - An example from triangle rush weaving handicrafts of Shan-Jiao community in Yuan-li, Miaoli County張淑君; Shu-Chun Chang; 張家豪; Chia-Hao Chang; 生物產業管理研究所
2015The effect of product attributes of packaged tea beverages and packaged coffee beverages on consumer perceived value and purchase intention.王世澤; Shih-Tse Wang; 余佳蓉; Chia-Jung Yu; 生物產業管理研究所
2014The Effects of External Market Forces and Competitive Intensity on Biotechnology Firms' Innovation Performance王俊賢; Chun-Hsien Wang; 李怡安; Yi-An Li; 生物產業管理研究所
2014The Effects of Perceptions of Quality, Trust and Risk on Users' Continuance Intention of Location-based Services王世澤; 林潤蓮; Ruenn-Lien Lin; 生物產業管理研究所
2013The effects of personal, social and system factors on consumers'' use of group-buying websites to repurchase food.王世澤; Shih-Tse Wang; 周佩諭; Chou, Pei-Yu; 生物產業管理研究所-
2015An Empirical Study on Production Efficiency with the Application of the Greenhouse Vegetable Facility in Taiwan楊上禾; 彭聖瀛; Sheng-Ying Peng; 生物產業管理研究所
2014The Influence of Consumers' Biotech Knowledge on Biotech Health Food Perceived Risk and Purchase Intention – In the case of Antrodia Cinnamomea張淑君; 吳柏翰; Bo-Han Wu; 生物產業管理研究所
2014Study of Needs in Persimmon Origin and Regional Marketing of Persimmon Farmers in Heping District, Taichung蔣憲國; Shiann-Gwo Jeang; 曾康綺; Kang-Chi Tseng; 生物產業管理研究所
2015A Study of Sensory Evaluation between Organically and Conventionally Grown Products董時叡; Shih-Jui Tung; 林鈺喬; Yu-Chiao Lin; 生物產業管理研究所
2014A study of the influence of the perceived stress on the healthy food's purchasing intentions王世澤; 李岳倫; Yueh-Luen Li; 生物產業管理研究所
2015A study on agricultural survey efficiency using different surveying systems蔡必焜; Bi-Kun Tsai; 周育正; Yu-Cheng Chen; 生物產業管理研究所
2015A study on factors affecting vegetable farmers' reused intention with biopesticide Bacillus thuringiensis蔡必焜; 熊怡晴; Yi-Ching Hsiung; 生物產業管理研究所
2014A Study on Influences of Perceived Quality and Risk on Purchase Intention toward Organic Vegetables and Fruits among Y Generation Adults陳姿伶; Tzy-Ling Chen; 陳玉婷; Yu-Ting Chen; 生物產業管理研究所
2014Study on Relationships among Consumer's Experiences of Food Factory Tours, Product Knowledge and Purchase Intention陳姿伶; Tzy-Ling Chen; 鄭勵真; Li-Chen Cheng; 生物產業管理研究所
2015A study on service satisfaction for economic sector customers of local farmers' associations蔡必焜; 洪璿哲; Xuan-Zhe Hong; 生物產業管理研究所
2015A study on the behavioural intention of farmers to adopt safe and high quality agriculture management model蔡必焜; 翁靖涵; JING-HAN WENG; 生物產業管理研究所
2014A Study on the Core Resources and Competitive Advantage of Flowers' operators in Tianwei張淑君; 吳佳芳; Chia-Fang Wu; 生物產業管理研究所
2014Study on the Impact of Consumers' Brand Equity on Perceived Risk, Perceived Value and Purchase Intention - A Case Study of Steak in Restaurants王世澤; 黃宛婷; Wan-Ting Huang; 生物產業管理研究所
2013中北部茶農於數位落差之研究-以新北市及南投縣為例Shu-Chun Chang; 張淑君; Wang, Pei-Yu; 王佩渝; 生物產業管理研究所