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1993Application of Geostatistics on The Soil Pollution萬鑫森; Shing-Sun Wann; Cheng, Sun-Yuan; 鄭森源-
Jan-1980Determination and Prediction of Soil Surface Charge萬鑫森; Shing-Sun Wann; 林俐玲; Li-Ling Lin-
Jan-1980Effect of Phosphorus Application on The Stability of Ta-Tu Red SoilS.S. Wann; 萬鑫森; J.T. Juang; 莊治宗-
Jun-1972Factors Affecting The Aeration Status of Paddy SoilsS.S. Wann; 萬鑫森
Nov-1969The Influence of Cover Crops and Mulching on the Infiltration Rate of Soils耿慶文; 萬鑫森
1985JIN, GI-WEIWAN, XIN-SEN; 萬鑫森; JIN, GI-WEI; 靳其偉-
Jan-1977Prediction of Solute Dispersion in Soils萬鑫森; S.S. Wann-
Jan-1992Solute Dispersion in A Non-reactive Porous Medium Theoretical ApproachS. S. Wann; 萬鑫森; C. M. Huang; 黃俊銘
2001Study on Hillslope Soil Hydrology with Various Bahia grass TreatmentShing Sun Wann; 萬鑫森; Chang, Hsien-ming; 張賢明-
1991不同坡度及雨量強度下逕流及沖蝕之研究萬鑫森; WAN,XIN-SEN; 張賢明; ZHANG, XIAN-MING-
Feb-1996二維多孔體流散係數之研究曹舜評; Shun-Ping Tsao; 萬鑫森; Shing-Sun Wann
1996二維無反應多孔體橫向流散係數之研究萬鑫森; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學水土保持學系-
Jul-1994二維無反應多孔體橫向流散係數之研究S. S. Wann; 萬鑫森; S. P. Tsao; 曹舜評
Dec-1983台灣南部土壤冲蝕性及流失量之估算S.S. Wann; 萬鑫森; J.I. Hwang; 黃俊義-
Sep-1999台灣土壤改良原理與方法之研究董小萍; Shing-Sun Wann; 林俐玲; 萬鑫森; Li-Ling Lin; Shaw-Ping Dung-
Nov-1989台灣坡地土壤沖蝕萬鑫森; S.S. Wann; 黃俊義; J.I. Hwang-
1984台灣沸石對土壤性質及植物生長之效應Wan, Xin-Sen; 萬鑫森; Cao, Shun-Ping; 曹舜評-
Jan-1981台灣西北部土壤沖蝕性及流失量之估算萬鑫森; S.S. Wann; 黃俊義; J.I. Hwang-
Nov-1969團粒安定性與土壤性質相關之研究萬鑫森; 吳輝龍