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2000The bionomics of a new record backswimmer, Anisops cleoptra (Hemiptera: Notonectidae), in Taiwan.葉金彰; Tsong-hong Su; 蘇宗宏; 邱春美; Chiu, Chun-mei-
2001Characterization of Yeh317 Protein In Situ Localization, Monitoring and Construction of Its MAG-cDNA Library in the mosquito, Aedes aegypti (L.) during Copulation葉金彰; Ching-chan Yeh; 王凱淞; Ken, K.S.Wang-
2003Developing an Effective Trap for the Pests in Structural Horticulture葉金彰; 黃紹毅; 楊恩誠; 中興大學昆蟲學系; 行政院農業委員會-
1997The effects of precocene IIon male accessory glands of the oriental fruit fly Bactrocera dorsalis(Hendel)(Diptera: Tephritidae)葉金彰; Chin-chang Yeh; 石麗珍; Shih, Li-jane-
1998Integrated Control of Forcipomyia Taiwana in Central and Southern Area of Taiwan葉金彰; 行政院環境保護署; 中興大學昆蟲學系-
2000Studies of Male Accessory Gland Substances Affected the Oviposition of Aedes aegypti (L.) (Diptera: Culicidae)徐爾烈; YEH, Chin-chang; 辛竹英; 路光暉; 葉金彰; 梁世祥; LIANG, Shih-hsiang-
2000Studies of phenology and interaction between Ficus irisana Elm. ( Moraceae) and it''s fig wasps呂福原; Chin-chang Yeh; 葉金彰; Chen, Yen-Ling; 陳燕玲-
1992Studies on the biological activity proteins of male accessory gland of aedes aegypti(L)葉金彰; Ye, Jin-Zhang; 林玉能; Lin, Yu-Neng-
1997Studies on the insecticides screen and attraction of biting midge, Forcipomyia taiwana葉金彰; Yeh, Chin-chang; 張伯熙; Chang, po-hsi-
1997A Survey on the Distribution of the Biting Midge (Forcipomyia taiwana) and the Application of Chemical Control葉金彰; 杜武俊; 莊益源; 中興大學昆蟲學系-
1996The swarming behavior of Anophesis sinensis Wiedemann (Diptera: Culicidae) and the effects on female's insemination rate葉金彰; Chin-chang Yeh; 劉承雯; Liu, Cheng-wen-
Jun-1999一般行道樹上常見的害蟲楊育年; 葉金彰; 國立中興大學農學院農業推廣委員會
2001不同含氮量的甘藍對臺灣紋白蝶與日本紋白蝶生長與發育之影響Shaw-yhi Hwang; 葉金彰; 黃紹毅; Chen, Ying-zhi; 陳盈志-
1999中華大仰泳椿生活史及捕食量之探討蘇宗宏; Chin-chang Yeh; 葉金彰; 申屠萱; Shentu, Hsuan-
1995中華瘧蚊飼育方法之研究及交配行為之觀察葉金彰; Chin-chang Yeh; 許弘嵩; Sheu, Hong-song-
1992利用肛門注射探討兩種斑蚊之卵量與圍食膜之形成YE, JIN-ZHANG; 葉金彰; SHI, CHANG-LIANG; 施昌良-
1997南投地區台灣鋏蠓之化學防治葉金彰; Yeh, Chin-Chang; 王惠鵬; Wang, Huei-Peng-
1995台灣鋏蠓之生活史及其在南投地區之季節消長葉金彰; Chin-chang Yeh; 莊益源; Chuang, Yi-yuan-
Sep-1997台灣鋏蠔葉金彰; 王凱淞; 國立中興大學農學院農業推廣委員會
1994埃及斑蚊圍食膜形成之探討Chinchang Yeh; 葉金彰; Lin, Wenyi; 林文毅-