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Mar-2004(The 18th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications, p160-p163)On the Security of an Enhanced Authentication Key Exchange Protocol蔡垂雄; Chwei-Shyong Tsai; M. S. Hwang; T. Y. Chang; S. C. Lin; C. S. Tsai; 國立中興大學資訊管理學系-
2008Adaptive lossless steganographic scheme with centralized difference expansionLee, C.C.; 蔡垂雄; Wu, H.C.; Tsai, C.S.; Chu, Y.P.-
Jul-2005(Applied Mathematics and Computation, 166(1):118-112)Cryptanalysis of an Authenticated Encryption Scheme Using Self-Certified Public Keys蔡垂雄; Chwei-Shyong Tsai; C. S. Tsai; S. C. Lin; M. S. Hwang; 國立中興大學資訊管理學系-
2008A BST-based robust image hiding methodHo, Y.A.; 蔡垂雄; Chan, Y.K.; Tsai, C.S.; Chu, Y.P.; 詹永寬-
2012Canny邊緣偵測器與基因演算法為基礎之依據物件特徵斷裂物件輪廓連結器蔡垂雄; Chwei-Shyong Tsai; 王軍傑; Wang, Chun-Chieh; 資訊管理學系所-
2008A certificate-based watermarking scheme for coloured imagesWu, N.I.; 蔡垂雄; Wang, C.M.; Tsai, C.S.; Hwang, M.S.; 王宗銘-
May-2005Colored Digital Watermarking Technology Based on Visual Cryptography蔡垂雄; Chwei-Shyong Tsai; H. C. Wu; C. S. Tsai; S. C. Huang; 國立中興大學資訊管理學系-
2011Coloured visual cryptography using fixed size meaningful shareWu, H.C.; 蔡垂雄; Wang, H.C.; Wang, C.M.; Tsai, C.S.-
Mar-2004(Computer Standards & Interfaces, 24(2):073-084)Generalization of Proxy Signature Based on Elliptic CurvesChwei-Shyong Tsai; 蔡垂雄; M. S. Hwang; S. F. Tzeng; C. S. Tsai; 國立中興大學資訊管理學系-
2005Cryptanalysis of an authenticated encryption scheme using self-certified public keysTsai, C.S.; 蔡垂雄; Lin, S.C.; Hwang, M.S.-
Oct-2004(Eurasip Journal on Applied Signal Processing, 2004(13):1965-1972)A New Repeating Color Watermarking Scheme Based on Human Visual Model蔡垂雄; Chwei-Shyong Tsai; C. S. Tsai; C. C. Chang; 國立中興大學資訊管理學系
2012Exploring Smart Phone Based Marketing Application for Retail Business蔡垂雄; 吳憲珠; 張樹之; Shu-Chih Chang; 葉宜璇; Yeh, Yi-Hsuan; 中興大學-
2003(Fundamenta Informaticae, 58(2):167-178)An Improvement to Image Segment Based on Human Visual System for Object-Based Coding蔡垂雄; Chwei-Shyong Tsai; C. S. Tsai; C. C. Chang; 國立中興大學資訊管理學系-
Nov-2003(Fundamenta Informaticae, 58(2):179-188)A DWT-based Deblocking Technique Based on Edge Detection and Zero Masking for Reducing Blocking Effect蔡垂雄; Chwei-Shyong Tsai; C. S. Tsai; C. C. Chang; 國立中興大學資訊管理學系-
2004Generalization of proxy signature based on elliptic curvesHwang, M.S.; 蔡垂雄; Tzeng, S.F.; Tsai, C.S.-
2009A HDWT-based reversible data hiding methodChan, Y.K.; 蔡垂雄; Chen, W.T.; Yu, S.S.; Ho, Y.A.; Tsai, C.S.; Chu, Y.P.; 喻石生; 詹永寬-
2009A high capacity reversible data hiding scheme with edge prediction and difference expansionWu, H.C.; 蔡垂雄; Lee, C.C.; Tsai, C.S.; Chu, Y.P.; Chen, H.R.-
2008A high quality steganographic method with pixel-value differencing and modulus functionWang, C.M.; 蔡垂雄; Wu, N.I.; Tsai, C.S.; Hwang, M.S.; 王宗銘-
Oct-2005(IEE Proceedings Vision, Image and Signal Processing, 152(5):611-615)Image Steganographic Scheme Based on Pixel-Value Differencing and LSB Replacement蔡垂雄; Chwei-Shyong Tsai; H. C. Wu; N. I. Wu; C. S. Tsai; M. S. Hwang; 國立中興大學資訊管理學系-