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2014The Analysis of Rice Farmers' Evaluation toward Dounan Town Farmers' Association's Intervention in the Rice Production蔣憲國; Shiann-Gwo Jeang; 陳昀鎂; Yun-Mei Chen; 生物產業推廣暨經營學系所
2011A Case Study on Establishment of Customer Relationship Management and Customized Product Marketing in Frozen Food Manufacturer王俊雄; 李俊彥; 蔣憲國; Tsai, Yi-Da; 蔡易達; 中興大學-
1999The Factors that Influence Indigenous People in Mountain on Rural areas to Participate Common Resource Conservation.-- A Study on Fish Recovery in Shan-Mei Village of Chia-Yi County.--蔣憲國; Shiann-Gwo Jeang; 吳楨澤; Wu, Chen-Tse-
2009The Organizer''s Selection and Willingness Option to the Local Grown Produce-A Study on the Publicly-Owned and Publicly-Management Healthy School Meals Plan in Central Taiwan王俊雄; 段兆麟; 蔣憲國; Chien, Yong-Siong; 詹勇雄; 中興大學-
2007A Research on Strategic Alliance Partnership for Lemon Industry - A Case Study of Taiwan Lemon Strategic Alliance段兆麟; 李謀監; 顏建賢; 蔣憲國; Cheng, Hung-Wei; 鄭弘韋; 中興大學-
2014Study of Needs in Persimmon Origin and Regional Marketing of Persimmon Farmers in Heping District, Taichung蔣憲國; Shiann-Gwo Jeang; 曾康綺; Kang-Chi Tseng; 生物產業管理研究所
2007The Study of Sustainable Development for Rural Community Approaching from Resource Integration : A Case Study of Saviki Community段兆麟; 李謀監; 顏建賢; 蔣憲國; Chou, Chun-Hsien; 周駿憲; 中興大學-
1999The study of the factors affecting the willingness of Gladioius farmers to the establishment of the place of production extension main body蔣憲國; Shiann-Gwo Jeang; 賴同一; Lay, Tung-I-
2007A Study on Core Strategy of Industry Promotion for 921 Reconstruction Areas-The Huashan Coffee and The Shersuei Black Tea for Example段兆麟; 李謀監; 顏建賢; 蔣憲國; Lin, Ber-Lin; 林柏霖; 中興大學-
1993A Study on the Election System of Executive Manager of蔣憲國; Shiann - Gwo Jeang; 李秀珠-
1993A study on the election system of executive manager of farmers'''''''' association in Taiwan: targeting on those overheatedy competing F.AJiang, Xian-Guo; 蔣憲國; 李秀珠; Li, Xiu-Zhu-
2008A Study on the Willingness and Behaviors in Knowledge Sharing of Orchid Production and Marketing Teams'' Worker李謀監; 顏建賢; 段兆麟; 易正明; 蔣憲國; 蕭伯欣; Xiao, Bo-Shin; 中興大學-
2008三義木雕節慶之遊客參與行為研究蔡龍銘; 蔣憲國; 張淑君; 劉純君; Liu, Chun-Chun; 中興大學-
Mar-2000九二一大地震農村聚落災後重建的過程與課題-以規劃團隊提出的規劃報告為考察重心蔣憲國; 國立中興大學農學院農業推廣委員會
2008以公私合作模式發展台灣創意園區之研究蔣憲國; 蔡龍銘; 張淑君; 曾才珊; Zeng, Cai-Shan; 中興大學-
2001休閒農場核心資源與競爭優勢之研究蔣憲國; 吳存和-
2002休閒農場核心資源與競爭優勢之研究蔣憲國; 吳存和; 詹仁榮; 陳麗花; 周淑月; 張錦秀; 行政院農業委員會; 中興大學農業推廣教育研究所-
2004休閒農場生態體驗經營策略之研究─烏來生態農場與阿里磅生態農場個案分析為主蔣憲國; 林本維; Lin, Ban-Wei-
2009劉健哲-農村居民終身學習永續發展指標系統之建立(Ⅱ)蔣憲國; 行政院國家科學委員會; 國立中興大學生物產學推廣暨經營學系-
2010(卒業報文第二期)日治時期臺灣農業史料數位典藏計畫詹麗萍; 黃德成; 林昱梅; 張慧銖; 朱惠足; 蔣憲國; 國立中興大學圖書資訊學研究所-