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2010Antrocamphin A, an Anti-inflammatory Principal from the Fruiting Body of Taiwanofungus camphoratus, and Its MechanismsHsieh, Y.H.; 蕭介夫; Chu, F.H.; Wang, Y.S.; Chien, S.C.; Chang, S.T.; Shaw, J.F.; Chen, C.Y.; Hsiao, W.W.; Kuo, Y.H.; Wang, S.Y.; 王升陽-
2009Biocatalysis for the production of carbohydrate estersChang, S.W.; 蕭介夫; Shaw, J.F.-
2008Biocatalysis for the Production of Industrial Products and Functional Foods from Rice and Other Agricultural ProduceAkoh, C.C.; 蕭介夫; Chang, S.W.; Lee, G.C.; Shaw, J.F.-
2010Characterization and heterologous expression of a novel lysophospholipase gene from Antrodia cinnamomeaHsu, K.H.; 蕭介夫; Wang, S.Y.; Chu, F.H.; Shaw, J.F.; 王升陽-
2012Chromosome engineering Escherichia coli host for the efficient production of Picrophilus torridus trehalose synthase陳柏庭; 陳玉婷; 蕭介夫; 林憲忠; Lin, Hsien-Chung; 中興大學-
2010Cloning and Characterization of the Lanosterol 14 alpha-Demethylase Gene from Antrodia cinnamomeaLee, C.H.; 蕭介夫; Hsu, K.H.; Wang, S.Y.; Chang, T.T.; Chu, F.H.; Shaw, J.F.; 王升陽-
2006Codon optimization of Candida rugosa lip1 gene for improving expression in Pichia pastoris and biochemical characterization of the purified recombinant LIP1 lipaseChang, S.W.; 蕭介夫; Lee, G.C.; Shaw, J.F.-
2009The Construction and Expression of a Fusion Recombinant Thermostable Bifunctional Enzyme of Clostridium thermosulfurogenes β-Amylase-Picrophilus torridus Trehalose Synthase in E. coli System for One Step Trehalose Production from Sweet Potato Starch蕭介夫; Jei-Fu Shaw; 孫薏琳; Sun, Yi-Lin; 中興大學-
2010Construction of Chromosomally Located T7 Expression System for Production of Heterologous Secreted Proteins in Bacillus subtilisChen, P.T.; 蕭介夫; Shaw, J.F.; Chao, Y.P.; Ho, T.H.D.; Yu, S.M.-
2002(Dedication for 40 Year-Anniversary of IBAS. C9., p65)中研院基因組中心之水稻基因組序列分析與功能基因組研究簡介余淑美; 李佩芳; 邢禹依; 周德源; 林彥蓉; 陳虹樺; 陳慶三; 鄔宏潘; 趙雅婷; 蕭介夫; 謝兆樞; 鐘美珠; 蘇春霖; 中央研究院植物學研究所-
2006Efficient production of active recombinant Candida rugosa LIP3 lipase in Pichia pastoris and biochemical characterization of the purified enzymeChang, S.W.; 蕭介夫; Lee, G.C.; Shaw, J.F.-
2006Functional role of catalytic triad and oxyanion hole-forming residues on enzyme activity of Escherichia coli thioesterase I/protease I/phospholipase L-1Lee, L.C.; 蕭介夫; Lee, Y.L.; Leu, R.J.; Shaw, J.F.-
2006Gene cloning, expression, and biochemical characterization of a recombinant trehalose synthase from Picrophilus torridus in Escherichia coliChen, Y.S.; 蕭介夫; Lee, G.C.; Shaw, J.F.-
2010Genes and Biochemical Characterization of Three Novel Chlorophyllase Isozymes from Brassica oleraceaLee, G.C.; 蕭介夫; Chepyshko, H.; Chen, H.H.; Chu, C.C.; Chou, Y.F.; Akoh, C.C.; Shaw, J.F.-
2011Geobacillus thermodenitrificans PS01新型脂肪酶之基因分析與其重組脂肪酶rGtLIP1之生化分析蕭介夫; 許芳瑜; Hsu, Fang-Yu; 中興大學-
2010In Vitro Regeneration of Cephalotus follicularisKo, C.Y.; 蕭介夫; Lin, T.Y.; Ho, C.W.; Shaw, J.F.-
2005Multiple mutagenesis of the Candida rugosa LIP1 gene and optimum production of recombinant LIP1 expressed in Pichia pastorisChang, S.W.; 蕭介夫; Shieh, C.J.; Lee, G.C.; Shaw, J.F.-
2006Optimal formation of hexyl laurate by Lipozyme IM-77 in solvent-free systemChang, S.W.; 蕭介夫; Shaw, J.F.; Shieh, C.H.; Shieh, C.J.-
2005Optimal lipase-catalyzed formation of hexyl laurateChang, S.W.; 蕭介夫; Shaw, J.F.; Yang, K.H.; Shih, I.L.; Hsieh, C.H.; Shieh, C.J.-
2009Optimal production of maltose by sweet potato β-amylase from sweet potato starch by RSM蕭介夫; Jei-Fu Shaw; 張珮芬; Chang, Pei-Fen; 中興大學-