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2014Analysis of surface water flow over multi-layered soilsPing-Cheng Hsieh; 謝平城; 林彥廸; Yen-Ti Lin; 水土保持學系所
2003Analysis of water waves passing over a submerged rectangular dikeChan, I.C.; 謝平城; Huang, L.H.; Hsieh, P.C.-
2014Analysis on the Numerical Model for Solitary Waves Passing through the Fixed Floating謝平城; 陳彥錡; Yan-Chi Chen; 水土保持學系所
2011An Analytical Solution for Horizontal or Slanted Wells in Confined Aquifers near a Stream謝平城; Ping-Cheng Hsieh; Zheng-Yi Feng; 馮正一; 鄒佩蓉; Tsou, Pei-Rong; 中興大學-
2006Analytical solutions for water flow passing over a vegetal areaHsieh, P.C.; 謝平城; Shiu, Y.S.-
2011Applying Spectra Analysis to Estimate the Hydraulic Diffusivity of Aquifers - A Case Study of the Apex of Chou Shui Alluvial Fan謝平城; 張雅琪; 蔡東霖; 馮正一; Zheng-Yi Feng; 林芳華; Lin, Fang-Hua; 中興大學-
2015Change of groundwater table for different soils in coastal area under the tide waves and rainfall events謝平城; 黃靖倫; Jing-Lun Huang; 水土保持學系所
2007Dynamic analysis of multilayered soils to water waves and flowHsieh, P.C.; 謝平城; Hsieh, W.P.-
2003Dynamic response of a soft soil layer to flow and periodical disturbanceHsieh, P.C.; 謝平城-
Mar-2004Dynamic Responses of a Channel BedWen-Po Hsieh; 謝文博; Ping-Cheng Hsieh; 謝平城
2004Effects of Rainfall and Infiltration on Slope StabilityPing-Cheng Hsieh; 謝平城; Wang, Han-Wei; 王瀚衛-
2003Effects of weakly nonlinear water waves on soft poroelastic bed with finite thicknessHsieh, P.C.; 謝平城; Huang, L.H.-
2009Finite Element Analysis of Water Flow Passing Vegetative Channel吳富春; 廖清標; 陳文福; 錢滄海; 謝平城; Liu, Yun-Ze; 劉運澤; 中興大學-
Mar-2007FLO-2D 與HEC-GeoRAS 應用於敏督利颱風造成南湖溪淹水之模擬湯嘉芸; Chia-Yun Tang; 謝平城; 林俐玲; Ping-Cheng Hsieh; Li-Ling Lin
2015Forecasting Typhoon Rainfall and Groundwater Level by Artificial Neural Network and Multiple Regression AnalysisPing-Cheng Hsieh; 謝平城; 童偉安; Wei-An Tong; 水土保持學系所
Jun-2018Groundwater level analysis of vertical soil stratificationPin-Chen Lee; Ping-Cheng Hsieh; 李品臻; 謝平城
Sep-2013Groundwater Response to Tidal Fluctuation and Rainfall in an Unconfined Sloping Aquifer徐筱婷; 謝平城; Hsiao-Ting Hsu; Ping-Cheng Hsieh
Mar-2018Groundwater transport analysis contaminated with landfill leachateKai-Ju Chang; Ping-Cheng Hsieh; 張凱茹; 謝平城
2008HEC-GeoRAS應用於南湖溪淹水模擬之研究陳昶憲; 李光敦; 陳鴻烈; 梁昇; 謝平城; 湯嘉芸; Tang, Chia-Yun; 中興大學-
2015Hydraulic analysis of a 2-D water flow down a slopePing-Cheng Hsieh; 謝平城; 徐培原; Pei-Yuan Hsu; 水土保持學系所