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2013Analysis of Consumers'' Motivation of Internet Usage Before, During, and After Traveling王啟泰; Chi-Tai Wang; 劉玉雯; Yu-Wen Liu; 謝焸君; Ying-Jiun Hsieh; Yang, Ju-Chieh; 楊茹絜; 中興大學-
2011An antecedent study on microblogging use王啟泰; Chi Tai Wang; 洪湘欽; Sean Hung; Ying-Jiun Hsieh; 謝焸君; 吳苓郁; Wu, Lin-Yu; 中興大學-
2009Developing effective e-products reverse logistics using information technology洪湘欽; 喻奉天; 謝焸君; 吳明勳; Wu, Ming-Hsun; 中興大學-
2015The Driving Success Factors of the Online Food Ordering System - Empirical Evidence from the UTAUT Model謝焸君; Ying-Jiun Hsieh; 陳惠屏; Hui-Ping Chen; 科技管理研究所
2004(European Journal of Operational Research, 155(2):516-532)Expected waiting times at loading stations in discrete-space closed-loop conveyorsYing-Jiun Hsieh; 謝焸君; Y.A. Bozer; Y.J. Hsieh; 國立中興大學科技管理研究所
2015Examining LINE users' behavior, motivation, attitudes and factors influencing use and adoption of LINE Official Accounts in Thailand謝焸君; Ying-Juin Hsieh; 宋麗芳; Palida Simasatitkul; 科技管理研究所
2010Explore the Innovative Retailing Consumption Concept: From the Perspective of Technology Acceptance Model洪湘欽; Sean Hung; 許光華; Kuang-Hua Hsu; Ying-Jiun Hsieh; 謝焸君; 蘇莉芳; Su, Li-Fang; 中興大學-
2014Exploring user perception of pop-up advertisement謝焸君; Ying-Jiun Hsieh; 徐佩妤; Pei-Yu Hsu; 科技管理研究所
Jun-2004(First Sino-International Symposium on Probability, Statistics, and Quantitative Management, p151-p172)Throughput Performance Analysis of Discrete-Space Closed-Loop Conveyors with Finite-Buffer Unloading Stations and Load RecirculationYing-Jiun Hsieh; 謝焸君; Ying-Jiun Hsieh; 國立中興大學科技管理研究所-
Nov-2001Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)-ConveyorsYing-Jiun Hsieh; 謝焸君; Ying-Jiun Hsieh; 國立中興大學科技管理研究所-
2014Green Firm's Use of Pop-Ups and In-Line Ads to Affect Consumer Attitude謝焸君; Ying-Jiun Hsieh; 葛丹尼; Kapesa, Daniel Lameck; 科技管理研究所
2005(IIE Transactions, 37(1):077-089)Throughput performance analysis and machine layout for discrete-space closed-loop conveyorsYing-Jiun Hsieh; 謝焸君; Y.A. Bozer; Y.J. Hsieh; 國立中興大學科技管理研究所
2010Influence of Consumer Innovativeness on Willingness to Use Location-Based Services洪湘欽; Sean Hung; 許光華; Kuang-Hua Hsu; Ying-Jiun Hsieh; 謝焸君; 陳明俐; Chen, Ming-Li; 中興大學-
2014An investigation of QR code use for smartphone users謝焸君; 陳柏宏; Po-Hon Chen; 科技管理研究所
2012ISO 9001認證後持續改善活動對公司績效影響之研究葉忠; 謝焸君; 王瑞德; 蘇栢侯; Su, Bo-Ho; 中興大學-
2005(Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3483: 437-447)Analytical modeling of closed-loop conveyors with load recirculationYing-Jiun Hsieh; 謝焸君; Y.J. Hsieh; Y.A. Bozer; 國立中興大學科技管理研究所
2006(Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4159:1144-1153)Location-Based Services for Tourism Industry:An Empirical StudyYing-Jiun Hsieh; 謝焸君; S.E. Chang; Y.J. Hsieh; C.W. Chen; C.K. Liao; S.T. Wang; 國立中興大學科技管理研究所
May-2005Modeling the Effect of Blocking and Retrials in a Loop ConveyorYing-Jiun Hsieh; 謝焸君; Ying-Jiun Hsieh; 國立中興大學科技管理研究所-
2005Operational Management through Financial Activity Evaluation-A Study on All Publicly Traded Companies in Taiwan and the United StatesYing-Jiun Hsieh; 謝焸君; Lo, Jie-Wen; 羅傑文-
2008Queueing network modeling and lead time improvement of pharmaceutical drug development喻奉天; 周玉琍; 謝焸君; 楊醒軒; Yang, Hsing-Hsuan; 中興大學-