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1998Investigations of Landslide Occurrence Mechanisms with Groundwater Logging Meuhod謝豪榮; Hao-Jung Shieh; Wu, Jiann-Hsing; 吳建興-
Apr-1980Studies on The Chung-Hsing-Ling LandslideHao-Jung Shieh; 謝豪榮-
Feb-1991Studies on the Jwo-Shoei Alley Landslide in Tair JongHao-Jung Shieh; 謝豪榮
Feb-1988Studies on the Pyi-Tou Landslide in Shih-KangHao-Jung Shieh; 謝豪榮
Aug-1993A Study of Groundwater Characteristics at Way-An Landslide area謝豪榮; Hao-Jung Shieh; 許中立; 李正義; Peter J. L. Sheu; Cheng-Yi Lee
2000Study on slope stablity of Miau-Li Tong-Shiau-wan Landslide謝豪榮; Cheng-Yi Lee; 李正義; Lin, ming-fa; 林明發-
1998A Study on Hydrological Influence of Limestone Mining Area In Hualien謝豪榮; Hao-Jung Shieh; 何世華; Ho, Shih-Hua-
1992Study on the Jwo-Shoei alley landslide slope stability with application of the finite element analysis method謝豪榮; XIE, HAO-RONG; 許中立; XU, ZHONG-LI-
1989Study on the landslide and groundwater tracing at Pyi-tour謝豪榮; XIE, HAO-RONG; 林祥茂; LIN, XIANG-MAO-
1999A Study on the Stability of Chung-Xin-Tzu No.2 Landslide謝豪榮; Han-Jung Shieh; 曾國彰; Tseng, Kuo Chang-
2000A Study on the Stability of Tai-Fun-Tian Landslide謝豪榮; Dr.Cheng-Yi Lee; 李正義; Tsou, Tsung-Ju; 鄒宗儒-
1994A Study on Water Storage Capacity of Forest soils in the TE-CHI Reservoir Watershed謝豪榮; Hao-Jung Hshieh; Wu, Jing-Yung; 武景雍-
1990中寮仙峰地滑地穩定性之探討謝豪榮; XIE,HAO-RONG; 杜健生; DU, JIAN-SHENG-
Jan-1981中興嶺與屏遮那兩地滑地之研究Hao-jung Shieh; 謝豪榮-
1999九 份 地 滑 地 穩 定 性 之 探 討SHIEH HAO-JUNG; 謝豪榮; 鄒政樺-
Mar-1994佳陽溪集水區林地貯水能之堆估研究謝豪榮; Hao-Jung Hshieh; 武景雍; 許中立; Jin-Yung Wu; J.L. Sheu-
1994佳陽溪集水區林地貯水能之推估研究謝豪榮; 李正義; 行政院農業委員會; 中興大學水土保持學系-
Dec-1984叭嗹港地滑地之研究H.+J.+Shieh; 謝豪榮