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2009Changes in gelatinization and rheological characteristics of japonica rice starch induced by pressure/heat combinationsTan, F.J.; 譚發瑞; Dai, W.T.; Hsu, K.C.-
2014Comparison of carcass traits, physicochemical, histological and descriptive sensory characteristic of breast of different hybrids from Taiwan local chickens譚發瑞; Yuan-Ting Tai; 戴湲婷; 動物科學系所
Mar-2011Design+and+Evaluation+of+Online+HACCP+System+for+Poultry+Slaughter+HouseWeng, Shi-Shun; 翁士舜; Wang, Bin-Yeong; Tang, Fa-Jui; Liu, Deng-Cheng; Roan, Shii-Wen; 王斌永; 譚發瑞; 劉登城; 阮喜文; 國立中興大學農學院
2007Effect of replacing pork backfat with yams (Dioscorea alata) on quality characteristics of Chinese sausageTan, F.J.; 譚發瑞; Liao, F.Y.; Jhan, Y.J.; Liu, D.C.; 劉登城-
2009Effect of various levels of rosemary or Chinese mahogany on the quality of fresh chicken sausage during refrigerated storageLiu, D.C.; 譚發瑞; Tsau, R.T.; Lin, Y.C.; Jan, S.S.; Tan, F.J.; 劉登城-
2010Effects of addition of anka rice on the qualities of low-nitrite Chinese sausagesLiu, D.C.; 譚發瑞; Wu, S.W.; Tan, F.J.; 劉登城-
2014Extraction of application of antioxidant components of garlic skin on meat products譚發瑞; Ming-Yi Lin; 林明毅; 動物科學系所
2015Influence of glucono-δ-lacton and citric acid on quality of Thai fermented sausage (Nham)Fa-Jui Tan; 譚發瑞; Yi-Yun Li; 李宜筠; 動物科學系所
2014Influence of sucrose and glucose levels and inoculation of Lactobacillus plantarum on quality of Isan sausage (Thai fermented sausage)Fa-Jui Tan; 譚發瑞; Xing-Ying Li; 李星螢; 動物科學系所
2015Influences of body conformation, feeding time, and feed type on carcass characteristics, meat quality and sensory evaluation of chicken譚發瑞; Hsin-Yi Chen; 陳欣怡; 動物科學系所
2014Influences of different fermentation and ripening temperatures on enzyme activities, physicochemical and sensory properties of salted egg white sufu during processing譚發瑞; Wei-Ting Wang; 王韋庭; 動物科學系所
2014Influences of storage temperature, washing, certification and formation of hairline cracks on quality of Taiwan retail shell egg during storage譚發瑞; Yu-Chi Liu; 劉瑀琪; 動物科學系所
2014Molecular identification and relative abundance of microorganisms in douchi and salted egg white sufu during processingFa-Jui Tan; 譚發瑞; Yu-Sheng Liao; 廖禹盛; 動物科學系所
2009Synthesis and characterization of collagen/hyaluronan/chitosan composite sponges for potential biomedical applicationsLin, Y.C.; 譚發瑞; Tan, F.J.; Marra, K.G.; Jan, S.S.; Liu, D.C.; 劉登城-
2012不同季節鴨蛋品質及浸漬方式對皮蛋品質影響之評估黃加成; 黃書政; 譚發瑞; 陳昱心; Chen, Yu-Hsin; 中興大學-
2012不同性別及屠體重之台灣黑豬與LYD三品種豬其屠體與肉質特性及背最長肌脂肪酸之比較黃加成; 黃書政; 譚發瑞; 黃扶康; 中興大學-
2013不同煉製方法及製程中添加大蒜對動物油脂品質及貯存安定性之探討譚發瑞; Fa-Jui Tan; 林良昆; Lin, Liang-Kun; 動物科學系所-
2017不同酶、超音波處理與水解條件對豬肝蛋白質水解物抗氧化特性之研究譚發瑞; Fa-Jui Tan; 游慧娟; Hui-Chuan Yu; 動物科學系所
2018利用物化分析、感官品評及統計方法評估畜禽肉品質之表現譚發瑞; Fa-Jui Tan; 李東檠; Dong-Ching Li; 動物科學系所
2012台灣土雞與洛島紅品系正逆雜交雞隻屠體與肉質特性之研究林高塚; Kou-Joong Lin; 吳勇初; Yun-Chu Wu; 譚發瑞; Fa-Jui Tan; 黃怡禎; Huang, Yi-Chen; 中興大學-