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2015An analysis of mathematical learning assessment of grade 8 students in Miaoli賈明益; 陳書鴻; Shu-Hung Chen; 應用數學系所
2015The Analysis of Problem Solving Process in One-Variable Linear Equation among Grade One Junior High School Students in Taichung AreaMing-I Char; 賈明益; 王毓玲; Yu-Ling Wang; 應用數學系所
2014Application of the hybrid method to estimate thermal boundary of a two-dimensional plateMing-I Char; 賈明益; 葉品青; Pin-Ching Yeh; 應用數學系所
2014Application of the La-DQM to convective heat transfer problem with Soret and Dofour effects賈明益; 戴伯臣; Bo-Chen Tai; 應用數學系所
2000Buoyancy and Surface Tension Instability in a Variable Viscosity Fluid with a Deformably Free Surface賈明益; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學應用數學系-
1998Comparative analysis of linear and non linear low-Reynolds-number eddy viscosity models to turbulent natural convection in horizontal cylindrical annuliChar, M.I.; 賈明益; Hsu, Y.H.-
1998Computation of buoyancy-driven flow in an eccentric centrifugal annulus with a non-orthogonal collocated finite volume algorithmChar, M.I.; 賈明益; Hsu, Y.H.-
2001Conjugate film condensation and natural convection between two porous media separated by a vertical plateChar, M.I.; 賈明益; Lin, J.D.-
2001Conjugate mixed convection laminar non-Darcy film condensation along a vertical plate in a porous mediumChar, M.I.; 賈明益; Lin, J.D.; Chen, H.T.-
2003Effect of a non-uniform temperature gradient on the onset of oscillatory Benard-Marangoni convection of an electrically conducting liquid in a magnetic fieldChar, M.I.; 賈明益; Chen, C.C.-
2015The Effect of Learning Community on Math Learning of High School Students in 'Permutation and Combination'--A High School in Taichung As ExampleMing-I Char; 賈明益; 吳松錡; Sung-Chi Wu; 應用數學系所
2003Effects of nonuniform temperature gradients on the onset of oscillatory Marangoni convection in a magnetic fieldChar, M.I.; 賈明益; Chen, C.C.-
2010Effects of viscous dissipation on slip-flow heat transfer in a micro annulusChar, M.I.; 賈明益; Tai, B.C.-
2007Estimation of an unknown distributed heat source in the inverse heat conduction problemChar, M.I.; 賈明益; Chang, F.P.; Tai, B.C.-
2014Estimation of thermal conductivity of a hollow cylinder using digital filterMing-I Char; 賈明益; 張永奇; Yung-Chi Chang; 應用數學系所
1999Influence of viscosity variation on the stationary Benard-Marangoni instability with a boundary slab of finite conductivityChar, M.I.; 賈明益; Chen, C.C.-
2008Inverse determination of thermal conductivity by differential quadrature methodChar, M.I.; 賈明益; Chang, F.P.; Tai, B.C.-
1998Maximum density effects on natural convection in a vertical annulus filled with a non-Darcy porous mediumChar, M.I.; 賈明益; Lee, G.C.-
1998Maximum density effects on natural convection of micropolar fluids between horizontal eccentric cylindersChar, M.I.; 賈明益; Lee, G.C.-
1999Non-Darcian Effect on Natural Convection of Cold Water in a Vertical Porous Annulus賈明益; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學應用數學系-