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2008Application of Rice SSR Markers on Bamboo Genetic Diversity古新梅; 陳威宇; Wei-Yu Chen; 農藝學系所
2015Ascorbate peroxidase 8, glutathione reductase 2 及 glutathione reductase 3 在離層酸誘導幼苗老化扮演之角色許奕婷; Fang-Lin Li; 李芳琳; 農藝學系所
2015Changes of pesticide residues during pre- and post harvesting period of domestic rice陳宗禮; &#x685D野泰司; Taishi Masuno; 農藝學系所
2014Changes of Pesticides Residues between Preharvest to Storge Period of Domestic Rice許奕婷; 張嘉升; Jia-Sheng Zhang; 農藝學系所
2015Characterization of physiology and molecular in upland rice under submergence and heat stress楊靜瑩; 楊斯羽; Si-Yu Yang; 農藝學系所
2014Characterization of RbohD/ein2-5 double mutant under Hypoxia Stress楊靜瑩; 洪晨溥; Chen-Pu Hong; 農藝學系所
2015Cloning and functional analysis of serine proteinase inhibitor of Cucumis metuliferus古新梅; 林家偉; Chia-Wei Lin; 農藝學系所
2015Cloning of Cucumis metuliferus Cm4 gene and its effects on transgenic Nicotiana benthamiana古新梅; 王彥筑; Yen-Chu Wang; 農藝學系所
2015Comparative studies on the grain appearance, physicochemical properties and storage quality of domestic superior and imported rice陳宗禮; 梁格禎; Ke-Chen Liang; 農藝學系所
2015Effects of exogenous melatonin application on the growth and active ingredients of St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum L.) and Hypericum coris L. under low temperature and photoperiodic treatments and production evaluation of St. John's wort in culture facilities鄧資新; 葉孟達; Meng-Da Ye; 農藝學系所
2015Effects of nitrogen fertilizers on plant growth and nitrogen metabolism of tea(Camellia sinensis)王慶裕; Ching-Yuh Wang; 張仕弘; Shi-Hong Zhang; 農藝學系所
2015Establishing the pollen-mediated gene flow model for the simulated GM rice: a case study for Sinwu Township, Taoyuan County郭寶錚; Bo-Jein Kuo; 洪溶鍬; Jung-Chiao Hung; 農藝學系所
2014Establishment and application of CL-repeat display markers in maize B chromosome鄭雅銘; Ya-Ming Cheng; 簡鈺倫; Yu-Lun Chien; 農藝學系所
2014Establishment of risk assessment system of invasive plants in Taiwan王慶裕; Ching-Yuh Wang; 李亭儀; Ting-Yi Li; 農藝學系所
2014Evaluation of measurement uncertainty in real-time PCR for quantitative testing of genetically modified maize and soybean郭寶錚; Bo-Jein Kuo; 張翊庭; Yi-Ting Zhang; 農藝學系所
2012Expansin基因家族在13個物種中的演化探討古新梅; Hsin-Mei Ku; 陳韋芊; Chen, Wei-Chien; 農藝學系所-
2014The genetic analysis with diallel cross for bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L.)胡澤寬; 張勝智; Sheng-Chih Chang; 農藝學系所
2014Identification and analysis of RNAi-SmGI transgenic Salvia miltiorrhiza蔡新聲; Hsin-Sheng Tsay; 楊珮吟; Pei-Yin Yang; 農藝學系所
2014Identification, Propagation for Pinellia ternata (Thunb.) Breit. and Its Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) in Taiwan陳世雄; Shih-Shiung Chen; 張愛月; Thadarat Chantra; 農藝學系所
2015Introgression of Xa genes into TK9 rice variety by using indica-japonica hybridization and study on the inheritance of agronomic traits王強生; 黃于恬; Yu-Tien Huang; 農藝學系所