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2005Application of a New Flow Measurement at four hydrometric stations of Taan River in Central Taiwan鄭皆達; Cheng Jie-Dar; Hong, Jyun-Ge; 洪浚格-
2011Application of Environment Risk Rate Concept on Classification and Re-examation of Slopeland Utilization Limitation許中立; chung- li hsu; 鄭皆達; chieh-da cheng; Li-Ling Lin; 林俐玲; 游元興; You, Yuan-Shing; 中興大學-
2011Application of Local Radial Basis Function Refinement with Finite Element Model in Groundwater Studies盧惠生; 蘇瑞榮; Jie-Dar Cheng; 鄭皆達; 沈政泓; Shen, Cheng-Hung; 中興大學-
1999Baseflow-Storage Relationships for Small Forest WatershedsCheng Jie-Dar; 鄭皆達; 顏川舜; Yan, Chuan-Shun-
2007Complex System Analysis and Management Strategies in Eutrophication陳信雄; 鄭皆達; 陳文福; 盧惠生; 陳鴻烈; 蔡大偉; David, D-W.Tsai; 中興大學-
2004A Comprehensive Study of Watershed Restoration Plan after 921 Earthquake for Ta-Chia River Basin鄭皆達; 張哲銘; Ming, Chang Che-
2000Development and Application of A Digital Geomorphologic Unit Hydrograph Model鄭皆達; J.D. Cheng; Su, Ruey-Rong; 蘇瑞榮-
2008Dynamic behaviors of pulsing sediment for watersheds林信輝; 鄭皆達; 黃書禮; 盧惠生; 林昭遠; Tsai, Chen-Chen; 蔡真珍; 中興大學-
2008Effect and Modeling of Microbial Growth on Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity of the Porous Media鄭皆達; Jie-Dar Cheng; 陳文福; 方繼; 盧光輝; 曹舜評; 黃國禎; Wen-Fu; Tony J.Fang; Kwong Fai A.Lo; Shun-Ping Tsao; Kuo-Cheng Huang; 林俐玲; Li-Ling Lin; Tu, Yi-Te; 杜怡德; 中興大學-
2011The effect of daily periodical variation of water level on the growth of Salix wauburgii in Ming Hu Reservoir鄭皆達; 鄧英慧; Shin-Hwei Lin; 林信輝; 陳慶協; Chen, Ching-Hsieh; 中興大學-
2007Effect of Surface Vegetation Type on Soil Water Movement林信輝; 盧光輝; 鄭皆達; 曹舜評; 林俐玲; 林軍豪; Lin, Chun-Hao; 中興大學-
Sep-1999Effects of Mulching and Disturbance of Soil on Runoff Parameters during the Period of Pasture Establishment in Gentle Slopeland謝昭賢; Ruey-Rong Su; 鄭皆達; 蘇瑞榮; Chao-Hsien Hsieh; Jie-Dar Cheng-
2007Environmental, Hydrologic Characteristics of and Integrated Conservation Strategies for Shuili Creek Watershed in Central Taiwan林俐玲; 陳鴻烈; 盧惠生; 謝昭賢; 鄭皆達; J. D. Cheng; 胡慧蘭; Hu, Hui-Lan; 中興大學-
2000Estimation of Groundwater Recharge and Discharge from Streamflow Hydrographs for Forested Watersheds in Central Taiwan鄭皆達; J. D. Cheng; 邱敏農; Chiu, Min-Nung-
2011An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Applying Soil and Water Conservation Measures for A Special Soil Conservation Area in Miaoli County林俐玲; 陳建成; 鄭皆達; 賴典佑; Lai, Tien-Yu; 中興大學-
Jun-1972Forest Cover and Stability of Natural SlopeJie-Dar Cheng; 鄭皆達-
2009GRAPH(降雨-逕流模式)校正係數與集水區地文因子關係之研究盧惠生; 周文杰; 鄭皆達; 林昭遠; Lin, Tzu-Chun; 林姿君; 中興大學-
Mar-1996Guelph "迷你型"人工降雨器之裝配及操作鄒天練; T. L. Chow; 鄭皆達; J. D. Cheng
Feb-1996Guelph 土壤水份傳導與滲透計之操作原理及應用鄒天練; T. L. Chow; 鄭皆達; J. D. Cheng
Mar-2000Hydraulic Conductivity Determination with Slug-test Method in an upstream Forested Watershed曹舜評; S. P. Tsao; 林壯沛; 鄭皆達; 葉正霖; J. P. Lin; J. D. Cheng; J. L. Yeh