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2007The adsorption and catalytic transformations of chromium on Mn substituted goethiteWu, W.C.; 王尚禮; Wang, S.L.; Tzou, Y.M.; Chen, J.H.; Wang, M.K.; 鄒裕民; 陳仁炫-
2006Adsorption and thermal desorption of Cr(VI) on Li/Al layered double hydroxideWang, S.L.; 王尚禮; Hseu, R.J.; Chang, R.R.; Chiang, P.N.; Chen, J.H.; Tzou, Y.M.; 鄒裕民; 陳仁炫-
2012Amelioration and Fertilizer Management of Strongly Acidic Orchard Soil.鄒裕民; 陳仁炫; 王鐘和; 行政院農業委員會; 中興大學土壤環境科學系(所)-
2011Azospirillum rugosum新種與耐鹽根圈細菌的植物生長促進特性之篩選及對植物接種的效益陳仁炫; 譚鎮中; 陳錦樹; 劉瑞美; 簡宣裕; 楊秋忠; 賴威安; Lai, Wei-An; 中興大學-
2015The changes of properties and earthworm growth in vermicomposting process with different organic wastesJen-Hshuan Chen; 陳仁炫; Ming-Chieh Lin; 林旻頡; 土壤環境科學系所
2009Chromate reduction by zero-valent Al metal as catalyzed by polyoxometalateLin, C.J.; 王尚禮; Wang, S.L.; Huang, P.M.; Tzou, Y.M.; Liu, J.C.; Chen, C.C.; Chen, J.H.; Lin, C.; 鄒裕民; 陳仁炫-
2012Development and Application of Multifunctional Bio-Tech Fertilizers with Wide-Effect and Environmental Protection楊秋忠; 陳仁炫; 曾德賜; 行政院國家科學委員會; 國立中興大學土壤環境科學系(所)-
2013Development and Application of Multifunctional Bio-Tech Fertilizers with Wide-Effect and Environmental Protection ( II )陳仁炫; 行政院國家科學委員會; 國立中興大學土壤環境科學系(所)-
2015Dynamics of microbial community structure during composting and vermicomposting of the mixture of pig manure and mushroom waste陳仁炫; Chun-Jen Chen; 陳俊仁; 土壤環境科學系所
2010Effect of aluminum on variations in the proteins in pineapple rootsChen, J.H.; 陳仁炫; Lin, Y.H.-
2009Effect of Long-term Fertilizers Application on Rhizosphere Fluorescent Pseudomonas陳仁炫; 譚鎮中; 趙維良; 劉瑞美; 楊盛行; 施養信; Chang, Chen-Ying; 張臻潁; 中興大學-
2010The effect of timing of application of fertilizers on the antioxidant potential of Pak-chio (Brassica Chinensis L.)grown in hydroponic向為民; 陳仁炫; 鍾仁賜; 鄒裕民; Yuh-Ming Huang; 黃裕銘; Chen, Po-Chun; 陳柏均; 中興大學-
2014Effects of application of two-in-one and three-in-one biofertilizer on the growth of rice and common bean and soil fertility陳仁炫; Ping-Yan Wu; 吳秉諺; 土壤環境科學系所
2014Effects of different mixtures of pig manure and mushroom culture waste with different pre-composting time on earthworm growth and quality of vermicomposts陳仁炫; Ming-Hong Zhan; 詹明泓; 土壤環境科學系所
1999The effects of soil moisture and temperature regimes on the transportation of potassium forms in the soils陳仁炫; J.H. Chen; 方佳琪; Fang, ChiaChi-
1997The Effects of Soil Water Regime and Temperature on the Phosphate Adsorption-Desorption Characteristics of Soils (II)陳仁炫; 行政院國家科學委員會; 中興大學土壤環境科學研究所-
2017The effects of varieties and soil properties on cadmium concentration and food hygiene in vegetables陳仁炫; Yu-Wen Lin; 林毓雯; 土壤環境科學系所
2015Evaluate the safety of vermicomposts and their effects on the growth and antioxidant activity of lettuceJen-Hsuan Chen; 陳仁炫; Shao-Yu Chien; 簡紹祐; 土壤環境科學系所
2017Evaluating the various long-term fertilizer management systems in increasing soil quality陳仁炫; Jen-Hshuan Chen; Nai-Yu Shiau; 蕭乃瑜; 土壤環境科學系所
2004Evaluation and establishment of the analysis method on determination of heavy metal contents in organic fertilizers陳仁炫; Jen-Hshuan Chen; 楊曉茹; Yang, Hsiao-Ju-