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2011Applications of Eletrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Study in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells李文獻; 王國禎; 陳志銘; 李明威; Ming-Wei Lee; Shie, Feng-Jan; 謝逢展; 中興大學-
2008Atomic migration in eutectic SnBi solder alloys due to current stressingChen, C.M.; 陳志銘; Huang, C.C.-
2010Au-20wt.%Sn銲料與Cu基材之界面反應吳子嘉; 顏怡文; 王朝弘; 陳志銘; 鍾享牟; Chung, Hsiang-Mou; 中興大學-
2010Chemical deposition of platinum on metallic sheets as counterelectrodes for dye-sensitized solar cellsChen, C.M.; 陳志銘; Chen, C.H.; Wei, T.C.-
24-Jan-2018Chromatic Titanium Photoanode for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells under Rear IlluminationHuang, Chih-Hsiang; Chen, Yu-Wen; Chen, Chih-Ming; 陳志銘
2010A current-induced localized heating technique for fabrication of carbon nanomaterialsLin, Y.W.; 陳志銘; Shih, P.Y.; Chen, C.M.-
2011Development of Green Technology of Synthesis of Carbon Nanomaterials Using Reccycled Printed Circuit Boards as Carbon Source and the Study of Mechanism陳志銘; 國立中興大學化學工程學系(所); 行政院國家科學委員會-
21-Jun-2018Development of nanotwins in electroplated copper and its effect on shear strength of tin/copper jointHsuan Lee; Yi-An Wang; Chih-Ming Chen; 陳志銘
2009Effect of Cu Thickness on the Evolution of the Reaction Products at the Sn-9wt.%Zn Solder/Cu Interface During ReflowChen, C.H.; 陳志銘; Lin, C.P.; Chen, C.M.-
2009Effect of temperature on microstructural changes of the Sn-9 wt.% Zn lead-free solder stripe under current stressingChen, C.M.; 陳志銘; Hung, Y.M.; Lin, C.P.; Su, W.C.-
2007Effects of copper doping on microstructural evolution in eutectic SnBi solder stripes under annealing and current stressingChen, C.M.; 陳志銘; Huang, C.C.; Liao, C.N.; Liou, K.M.-
2008Effects of silver doping on electromigration of eutectic SnBi solderChen, C.M.; 陳志銘; Huang, C.C.-
12-Apr-2017Efficiency improvement of dye-sensitized solar cells by in situ fluorescence resonance energy transferYu-Jie Lin; Jyun-Wei Chen; Po-Tsung Hsiao; Yung-Liang Tung; Cheng-Chung Chang; 陳志銘; Chih-Ming Chen
2010Electroless deposition of platinum on indium tin oxide glass as the counterelectrode for dye-sensitized solar cellsChen, C.M.; 陳志銘; Chen, C.H.; Cherng, S.J.; Wei, T.C.-
2009Electromigration of Sn-8 wt.% Zn-3 wt.% Bi and Sn-9 wt.% Zn-1 wt.% Cu soldersChen, C.M.; 陳志銘; Hung, Y.M.; Lin, C.H.-
2008Electromigration of Sn-9wt.%Zn solderHung, Y.M.; 陳志銘; Chen, C.M.-
2006Electromigration study in the eutectic SnBi solder joint on the Ni/Au metallizationChen, L.T.; 陳志銘; Chen, C.M.-
2007Electromigration-induced Bi segregation in eutectic SnBi solder jointChen, C.M.; 陳志銘; Chen, L.T.; Lin, Y.S.-
2009ForewordChen, S.W.; 陳志銘; Chada, S.; Chen, C.M.; Flandorfer, H.; Lindsay Greer, A.; Lee, J.H.; Zeng, K.J.; Suganuma, K.-
2009Growth orientation of the tin whiskers on an electrodeposited Sn thin film under three-point bendingChen, C.M.; 陳志銘; Chen, Y.J.-