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2010An Analytic Network Process Approach for Project Selection in a Social Venture Capital Firm陳明惠; 莊煥銘; 王瑞德; 陳奕璋; Chen, Yi-Zhang; 中興大學-
2015Brewing Industrial Heritage and Creative Quarter:The Case Studies of Kulturbrauerei in Berlin, Germany and the Distillery Historic District in Toronto, Canada陳明惠; Ming-Huei Chen; 曾紀瀚; Chi-Han Tseng; 科技管理研究所
2014Cluster Effect and Development of Artist Villages: Case Studies of Cattle Depot Artist Village in Hong Kong and Zona Tortona in Italy陳明惠; Ming-Huei Chen; 黃彥博; Yen-Po Huang; 科技管理研究所
2013Commercial Value and Experience Economy of Cultural Creative Quarters: Case Studies of Temple Bar in Dublin, Ireland and 798 Art Zone in Beijing, China彭立勛; 葉桂珍; Ming-Huei Chen; 陳明惠; 李靜玟; Li, Ching-Wen; 中興大學-
2010Corporate Entrepreneurship, Guanxi Networks, and Corporate Performance李世暉; 楊宜興; Ming-Huei Chen; 陳明惠; 許維純; Hsu, Wei-Chung; 中興大學-
2015Creative Economy and Industrial Heritage Value:The Case Studies of Northern Quarter in Manchester, United Kingdom and West Quarter in Zurich, Switzerland陳明惠; 李曉雯; Hsiao-Wen Li; 科技管理研究所
2014Creative Entrepreneurs' Guanxi Networks and Entrepreneurial Success: Mediating Effects of Information Accessibility and Resources Availability陳明惠; Ming-Huei Chen; 李佳諭; Chia-Yu Lee; 科技管理研究所
2014Creativity Cognitive Style, Conflict Handling, and Career Success: An Empirical Study of Creative Entrepreneurs in Taiwan陳明惠; Ming-Huei Chen; 羅雅薰; Ya-Hsun Lo; 科技管理研究所
2013Cultural and Creative Assets Management Case Study Research: Odense in Denmark and Zollverein in Germany葉桂珍; Quey-Jen Yeh; 仲曉玲; Hsiao-Ling Chung; 陳明惠; Ming-Huei Chen; 黃詩盈; Huang, Shih-Ying; 中興大學-
2015Cultural Creative Quarter and Regional Innovation: The Case Study of Dortmunder U, Germany陳明惠; Ming-Hui Chen; 莊宗霖; Tsung-Lin Chuang; 科技管理研究所
2012Cultural Creative Quarter and Urban Regeneration: The Case Studies of Tianzifang in Shanghai, China and Cultural Industries Quarter in Sheffield, United Kingdom葉桂珍; 蔡千姿; 陳明惠; Pan, Yi-Tien; 潘釔天; 中興大學-
2015Entrepreneurial Creativity, Opportunity, and Intention to Quit: The Mediating role of Entrepreneurial Motivation陳明惠; Ming-Huei Chen; 陳明瀚; Ming-Han Chen; 科技管理研究所
2015Exploring Creative Entrepreneurs' Happiness: Cognitive Style, Guanxi, and Creativity陳明惠; 林吟真; Yin Chen, Lin; 科技管理研究所
2015Exploring Creative Entrepreneurs' Success and Intention to Quit: Cognitive Style, Guanxi Network, Creativity, Opportunity and Resource陳明惠; Ming-Huei Chen; 張佑宇; Yu-Yu Chang; 科技管理研究所
2008Front-End Activities on New Product Development Teams: A Knowledge Integration Perspective洪世章; 朱詣尹; 陳明惠; 鄭雅惠; Cheng, Ya-Hui; 中興大學-
2015Human Capital and Entrepreneurial Success of Creative Entrepreneurs:The mediating role of Guanxi Network陳明惠; 江孟達; Meng-Ta Chiang; 科技管理研究所
2014Museum Cultural Districts and Urban Regeneration: Case Studies of Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Bilbao, Spain and Museumsquartier in Vienna, Austria陳明惠; Ming-Huei Chen 陳明惠; 江蕙如; Hui-Ju Chiang 江蕙如; 科技管理研究所
2011The Opportunity and Strategy of Service Innovation-A Case of Chunghwa Telecom''s MOD Service.張樹之; 楊宜興; 陳明惠; 吳立智; Wu, Li-Chih; 中興大學-
2009A Preliminary Study of Corporate Entrepremship: Case Studies of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises楊宜興; 胡美智; 陳明惠; 張棊閔; CHANG, CHI-MIN; 中興大學-
1992The R&D Process and Analysis for Innovative Products李世暉; Shr-Huei Li; 楊宜興; Yi-Shing Yang; Ming-Huei Chen; 陳明惠; 劉佩瑜; Liu, Pei-Yu; 中興大學-