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2009Analysis of designing multichannel fiber Bragg gratings with different inverse design algorithmsLee, C.L.; 韓 斌; Han, P.-
2010A data transmission scheme with spectral switches of a shifting double slit in the far fieldHan, P.; 韓 斌; Lee, C.L.; Chen, L.Y.; Huang, S.H.-
2010Data Transmission Scheme with Spectral Switches of a Tilting Circular Mirror in Far FieldHan, P.; 韓 斌-
2008Far-field diffraction characteristics of a Gaussian pulse incident on a sinusoidal phase gratingHan, P.; 韓 斌-
2004Far-field spectral intensity characteristics of a time-dependent Gaussian pulse from a circular mask with a linear circular apertures array韓 斌; Han, P.; Hwang, H.E.-
2004Far-field spectral intensity characteristics of a time-dependent Gaussian pulse from two types of apodized slits韓 斌; Han, P.-
2006Fast algorithm of phase masks for image encryption in the Fresnel domainHwang, H.E.; 韓 斌; Han, P.-
2010Finite atoms number effect for high-order coherence of chaotic lightKao, Y.M.; 韓 斌; Luan, P.G.; Han, P.-
2005Fractional Fourier transform optimization approach for analyzing optical beam propagation between two spherical surfaces韓 斌; Hwang, H.E.; Han, P.-
2008Improved optical performance of the Radon-Wigner display for one-dimensional signalsHwang, H.E.; 韓 斌; Han, P.-
2011InGaN light emitting diodes with a laser-treated tapered GaN structureHuang, W.C.; 韓 斌; Lin, C.F.; Hsieh, T.H.; Chen, S.H.; Lin, M.S.; Chen, K.T.; Lin, C.M.; Han, P.; 林佳鋒-
2009Lattice spectroscopy韓 斌; Han, P.-
2009Optimal design of single resonant and ultrabroadband long-period fiber grating filtersLee, C.L.; 韓 斌; Han, P.-
2008Phase Retrieval Algorithm for Pure Phase Object in Fresnel DomainHan, P.; 韓 斌; Hwang, H.E.-
2006Population inversion in a p-doped quantum well with reduced photon energy韓 斌; Lu, C.K.; Meng, H.F.; Han, P.-
2009Side-lobeless far-field spectrum of a short pulse from a circular aperture with Gaussian form of transmittanceHan, P.; 韓 斌; Hwang, H.E.-
2012Signal Reconstruction Algorithm Based on a Single Intensity in the Fresnel Domain韓 斌; Hwang, H.E.; Han, P.-
2007Signal reconstruction algorithm based on a single intensity in the Fresnel domain韓 斌; Hwang, H.E.; Han, P.-
2009Spectral anomalies for a right triangle aperture with an adjustable hypotenuse slopeHan, P.; 韓 斌-
26-Dec-2015Spectral Shift Amplification and Polarization-Controlled Spectral Shift with Silver MetalPin Han; Yung-Chieh Tseng; 韓 斌