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2011An Analytical Solution for Horizontal or Slanted Wells in Confined Aquifers near a Stream謝平城; Ping-Cheng Hsieh; Zheng-Yi Feng; 馮正一; 鄒佩蓉; Tsou, Pei-Rong; 中興大學-
2011Applying Spectra Analysis to Estimate the Hydraulic Diffusivity of Aquifers - A Case Study of the Apex of Chou Shui Alluvial Fan謝平城; 張雅琪; 蔡東霖; 馮正一; Zheng-Yi Feng; 林芳華; Lin, Fang-Hua; 中興大學-
2009The Approach of Risk Mapping for Natural Hazards陳紫娥; Zue-Er Chen; 馮正一; 劉家男; 陳聯光; Zheng-Yi Feng; Chia-Nan Liu; Lien-Kuang Chen; Su-Chin Chen; 陳樹群; 黃柏璁; Huang, Bo-Tsung; 中興大學-
2011Catastrophic landslide induced by Typhoon Morakot, Shiaolin, TaiwanTsou, C.Y.; 馮正一; Feng, Z.Y.; Chigira, M.-
2015Characteristics of seismic signal and self-potential of slope failureZheng-Yi Feng; 馮正一; 林博翔; Bo-siang Lin; 水土保持學系所
Dec-2017Creep Simulation of a Slope in Fengqiu No.7 TorrentChun-kai Chiu; Zhengyi Feng; 邱軍愷; 馮正一
2014Discussion on the Vibration Signal of Landslide Dam Failure馮正一; 王偉銓; Wei-Chiuan Wang; 水土保持學系所
2006Ecological engineering methods for soil and water conservation in TaiwanWu, H.L.; 馮正一; Feng, Z.Y.-
2008Effects of Different Tire-Surfaces and Impact Position on Cushion Efficiency of Wasted-Tires劉正川; Cheng-Chuan Liou; 黃宏斌; 許中立; 馮正一; Hung-Pin Huang; Chung-Li Hsu; Cheng-Yi Feng; Ching-Hao Tuan; 段錦浩; chou, wei-di; 周偉諦; 中興大學-
2006The epsilon method: analysis of seepage beneath an impervious dam with sheet pile on a layered soilFeng, Z.Y.; 馮正一; Wu, J.T.H.-
2005Improving effectiveness and reliability in geotechnical investigations with a personal digital assistantFeng, Z.; 馮正一; Wang, T.Y.; Lin, D.G.; Chern, J.C.; Trb,-
2014Influences of the Social and Enviromental Factors on the Vegetation Index of the Great Taichung Area.Zheng-Yi Feng; 馮正一; 劉月媚; Yueh-Mei Liu; 水土保持學系所
15-Mar-2018Landslide hazard zoning based on numerical simulation and hazard assessmentChia-Ming Lo; Zheng-Yi Feng; 馮正一; Kuang-Tsung Chang
2010Numerical earthquake response analysis of the Liyutan earth dam in TaiwanFeng, Z.; 馮正一; Tsai, P.H.; Li, J.N.-
2006A numerical study of piled raft foundationsLin, D.G.; 馮正一; Feng, Z.Y.-
1-Mar-2016Potential Landslide Hazard Zoning based on Numerical Simulation and Hazard Assessment羅佳明; 馮正一; 鍾言鑫; 董雅婷; Chia-Ming Lo; Zheng-Yi Feng; Yan-Xin Zhong; Ya-Ting Dong
Jul-2018Risk Assessment and Adaptation Strategies for Dazhong Village Landslide No.1 in Yilan County, TaiwanCheng-Yang Hsiao; Bor-Shiun Lin; Cheng-Nung Lai; Chia-Wei Wu; Chao-Chin Pai; Chun-Yi Wu; Zheng-Yi Feng; 蕭震洋; 林伯勳; 賴承農; 吳佳威; 白朝金; 吳俊毅; 馮正一
Dec-2016The self-potential changes during landslide using physicalZheng-Yi Feng; Bo-Siang Lin; Sheng-hao Lin; 馮正一; 林博翔; 林聖豪
2015Self-Potential Variations After Loading on Physical Model SlopesZheng - Yi Feng; 馮正一; 宋偉銓; Wei - Chuan Song; 水土保持學系所
2010Stream depletion rate with horizontal or slanted wells in confined aquifers near a streamTsou, P.R.; 馮正一; Feng, Z.Y.; Yeh, H.D.; Huang, C.S.-