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1997Alteration of endogenous antioxidant enzymes in naturally occurring hypertrophic cardiomyopathyLin, C.S.; 黃三元; Liu, C.Y.; Sun, Y.L.; Chang, L.C.; Chiu, Y.T.; Huang, S.Y.; Lin, J.H.; Yang, P.C.; Chu, R.M.; Huang, M.C.; Mao, S.J.T.; 黃木秋-
2000Association of heat shock protein 70 with semen quality in boarsHuang, S.Y.; 黃三元; Kuo, Y.H.; Lee, Y.P.; Tsou, H.L.; Lin, E.C.; Ju, C.C.; Lee, W.C.-
2008Association of polymorphism in the alpha (1,2) fucosyltransferase gene with growth performance in two Western pig breeds in TaiwanHuang, S.Y.; 黃三元; Chung, M.T.; Tsou, H.L.; Li, H.L.-
2007Cell adhesion molecule Echinoid associates with unconventional myosin VI/Jaguar motor to regulate cell morphology during dorsal closure in DrosophilaLin, H.P.; 黃三元; Chen, H.M.; Wei, S.Y.; Chen, L.Y.; Chang, L.H.; Sun, Y.J.; Huang, S.Y.; Hsu, J.C.-
2000The decline of porcine sperm motility by geldanamycin, a specific inhibitor of heat-shock protein 90 (HSP90)Huang, S.Y.; 黃三元; Kuo, Y.H.; Tsou, H.L.; Lee, Y.P.; King, Y.T.; Huang, H.C.; Yang, P.C.; Lee, W.C.-
2014Differential expression of egg white proteins in different breeds of chickens and their association with physical characteristics of hard-boiled eggSan-Yuan Huang; 黃三元; Sheng-Chih Liu; 留聖智; 動物科學系所
2014The effect of carbon nanotube on fertility and protein expression in testes of male Taiwan country chickensSan-Yuan Huang; 黃三元; Zi-Lin Li; 李姿霖; 動物科學系所
2015Effect of nano silicate platelets as a mycotoxin fumonisin B1 binder on the protein profiling in the liver of broilersSan-Yuan Huang; 黃三元; Chiao-Wei Yuan; 袁喬葦; 動物科學系所
Apr-2016Effects of monochromatic light sources on sex hormone levels in serum and on semen quality of gandersChang, Shen-Chang; Zhuang, Zi-Xuan; Lin, Min-Jung; Cheng, Chuen-Yu; Lin, Tsung-Yi; Jea, Yu-Shine; Huang, San-Yuan; 黃三元
2015The effects of seasonal change and light wavelength on protein expression in the testes of White Roman geeseSan-Yuan Huang; 黃三元; Zi-Xuan Zhuang; 莊子萱; 動物科學系所
2013Endothelin 3 對雞隻胚胎黑色素母細胞分佈之影響黃三元; 陳珠亮; 唐品琦; 陳郁元; Chen, Yu-Yuan; 中興大學-
2008Geldanamycin augments nitric oxide production and promotes capacitation in boar spermatozoaHou, M.L.; 黃三元; Huang, S.Y.; Lai, Y.K.; Lee, W.C.-
2009Hedgehog訊息傳遞在公雞生殖腺發育的研究張菡馨; Han-Hsin Chang; 黃三元; San-Yuan Huang; 鄭旭辰; Hsu-Chen Cheng; 吳蕙如; Wu, Hui-Ju; 中興大學-
2009Hydrostatic pressure pre-treatment affects the protein profile of boar sperm before and after freezing-thawingHuang, S.Y.; 黃三元; Pribenszky, C.; Kuo, Y.H.; Teng, S.H.; Chen, Y.H.; Chung, M.T.; Chiu, Y.F.-
2007A missense polymorphism in porcine interferon-gamma cDNA affects antiviral activity of the protein variantFan, Y.H.; 邱繡河; Chow, K.C.; Huang, S.Y.; Chi, L.M.; Huang, C.J.; Chiou, S.H.; 周寬基; 黃三元; 黃千衿-
Feb-2016Profiling of differential gene expression in the hypothalamus of broiler-type Taiwan country chickens in response to acute heat stressTu, Wei-Lin; Cheng, Chuen-Yu; Wang, Shih-Han; Tang, Pin-Chi; Chen, Chih-Feng; Chen, Hsin-Hsin; Lee, Yen-Pai; Chen, Shuen-Ei; Huang, San-Yuan; 黃三元
2005A reference map and identification of porcine testis proteins using 2-DE and MSHuang, S.Y.; 黃三元; Lin, J.H.; Chen, Y.H.; Chuang, C.K.; Lin, E.C.; Huang, M.C.; Sun, H.F.S.; Lee, W.C.; 黃木秋-
2011Stress Preconditioning of Boar Spermatozoa: A New Approach to Enhance Semen QualityPribenszky, C.; 黃三元; Horvath, A.; Vegh, L.; Huang, S.Y.; Kuo, Y.H.; Szenci, O.-
2015A study on the molecular mechanism of acute heat stress response in testes of male Taiwan country chickens黃三元; Shih-Han Wang; 王思涵; 動物科學系所
2007Studying the protein-protein interactions in the postsynaptic density by means of immunoabsorption and chemical crosslinkingChang, C.W.; 黃三元; Peng, S.C.; Cheng, W.Y.; Liu, S.H.; Cheng, H.H.; Huang, S.Y.; Chang, Y.C.-