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13-Jan-2017A Note on the Inverse Birthday Problem With Applications黃文瀚; Wen-Han Hwang; Richard Huggins; Lu-Fang Chen
2011Differential Measurement Errors in Zero-Truncated Regression Models for Count DataHuang, Y.H.; 黃文瀚; Hwang, W.H.; Chen, F.Y.-
2011Estimating abundance from presence/absence mapsHwang, W.H.; 黃文瀚; He, F.L.-
23-Nov-2015Estimating Abundance from Presence–Absence Maps via a Paired Negative-Binomial ModelWen-Han Hwang; Richard Huggins; 黃文瀚
2009Estimating Species Abudance from Spatial Occurrence Data黃文瀚; 行政院國家科學委員會; 國立中興大學應用數學系(所)-
Dec-2016Estimation in closed capture-recapture models when covariates are missing at randomLee, Shen-Ming; Hwang, Wen-Han; de Dieu Tapsoba, Jean; 黃文瀚
9-Nov-2018Estimation of abundance from presence–absence maps using cluster modelsRichard Huggins; Wen-Han Hwang; Jakub Stoklosa3; 黃文瀚
30-Oct-2015Estimation of survival and capture probabilities in open population capture–recapture models when covariates are subject to measurement errorJakub Stoklosa; Peter Dann; Richard M.Huggins; Wen-Han Hwang; 黃文瀚
2011Good-Turing方法及其應用黃文瀚; 行政院國家科學委員會; 國立中興大學應用數學系(所)-
2011Heterogeneous Capture-Recapture Models with Covariates: A Partial Likelihood Approach for Closed PopulationsStoklosa, J.; 黃文瀚; Hwang, W.H.; Wu, S.H.; Huggins, R.-
Dec-2016Improving efficiency using the Rao-Blackwell theorem in corrected and conditional score estimation methods for joint modelsHuang, Yih-Huei; Hwang, Wen-Han; Chen, Fei-Yin; 黃文瀚
8-Oct-2015On quadratic logistic regression models when predictor variables are subject to measurement errorJakub Stoklosa; Yih-Huei Huang; Elise Furlan; Wen-Han Hwang; 黃文瀚
2011A Review of the Use of Conditional Likelihood in Capture-Recapture ExperimentsHuggins, R.; 黃文瀚; Hwang, W.H.-
2010Small-Sample Estimation of Species Richness Applied to Forest CommunitiesHwang, W.H.; 黃文瀚; Shen, T.J.-
2012不歸還取樣下之多層次物種分類多樣性指標的 模擬研究黃文瀚; Wen-Han Hwang; 申孟平; Shen, Meng-Ping; 統計學研究所-
2013以物種佔據率估計族群消失率之模擬研究黃文瀚; 田念祖; Tien, Nien-Tsu; 統計學研究所
2012估計特定物種佔據率之模擬研究黃文瀚; 黃逸輝; 沈宗荏; Tsung-Jen Shen; 吳錞婷; Wu, Chun-Ting; 中興大學-
2018使用出現與否資料決定最佳抽樣區塊大小黃文瀚; 汪于棻; Yu-Fen Wang; 統計學研究所
2008使用相加與相乘模式在線上穿越抽樣法修正量測誤差沈宗荏; 吳宏達; 黃逸輝; 許英麟; 黃文瀚; 陳人吉; Chen, Jen-Chi; 中興大學-
2018具輔助變量之重複捕獲模型的模擬研究黃文瀚; Wen-Han Hwang; 杜宇舜; Yu-Shun Tu; 統計學研究所