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2012(1)製備殼核球型中孔洞奈米金屬@矽複合材料: Metal/PVP@MCM-41 (2)利用水熱法合成新型架構之錳氧化物曾炳墝; 林弘萍; 吳嘉文; 黃景帆; 林寬鋸; 陳隆京; Chen, Lung-Jing; 中興大學-
20083-D Nanoporous Pt Electrode Prepared by a 2-D UPD Monolayer ProcessHuang, J.F.; 黃景帆-
20103-巰基-1-丙磺酸鹽自組裝單層膜修飾奈米孔洞金電極應用於低電位沉積陽極剝除法對銅進行靈敏的電化學偵測陳輝龍; 李豐穎; 黃景帆; 林柏村; Lin, Bo-Tsuen; 中興大學-
2008Advanced liquid membranes based on novel ionic liquids for selective separation of olefin/parafrin via olefin-facilitated transportHuang, J.F.; 黃景帆; Luo, H.M.; Liang, C.D.; Jiang, D.E.; Dai, S.-
2009Application of a nanoporous gold electrode for the sensitive detection of copper via mercury-free anodic stripping voltammetryHuang, J.F.; 黃景帆; Lin, B.T.-
2012Application of a nanoporous gold electrode with the highly morphological recoverability for non-enzymatic glucose sensing李豐穎; 侯嘉洪; 黃景帆; 林湘瑩; Lin, Hsiang-Ying; 中興大學-
2015Cu(I)-mediating Pt reduction to form Pt-nanoparticle-embedded Nafion composites and their electrocatalytic O2 reductionJing-Fang Huang; 黃景帆; 陳玟郁; Wen-Yu Chen; 化學系所
2014EDTA assisted selectively electrochemical detection of arsenite on a gold nanoparticles modified glassy carbon electrodeJing-Fang Huang; 黃景帆; 陳曉華; Hsiao-Hua Chen; 化學系所
2018Electrochemical instruments detect the change of platinum nanoparticles soaked in solution黃景帆; Chih-Yu Chen; 陳致宇; 化學系所
21-Jun-2016Electrochemical Quantifying, Counting, and Sizing Supported Pt Nanoparticles in Real TimeHuang, Jing-Fang; Yang, Hui-Wen; 黃景帆
14-Dec-2016Electrochemically Identifying Degradation Pathways of Carbon-Supported Pt Catalysts Assists in Designing Highly Durable CatalystsHuang, Jing-Fang; Hsiao, Hsin-Ying; 黃景帆
2015Fabrication of metal hydroxide nanoboxes by using S2O32- as the coordinating etchant toward Cu2O cubic templatesJing-Fang Huang; 黃景帆; 施昀彣 Yun-Wen Shih; 化學系所
2009Facile preparation of an ultrathin nickel film coated nanoporous gold electrode with the unique catalytic activity to oxidation of glucoseHuang, J.F.; 黃景帆-
28-Jul-2018High performance layer-by-layer Pt3Ni(Pt-skin)-modified Pd/C for the oxygen reduction reactionHuang, Jing-Fang; 黃景帆; Tseng, Po-Kai
18-May-2018Making Ag Present Pt-like Activity for Hydrogen Evolution ReactionJing-Fang Huang; 黃景帆; Yi-Ching Wu
2010Micro-morphological reconstruction of nanoporous gold electrodeHuang, J.F.; 黃景帆; Fan, M.C.-
2012Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Iron phosphate and the Ionic Conductivity李積琛; Chi-Shen Lee; 黃景帆; Jing-Fang Huang; Kuan-Jiu Lin; 林寬鋸; 葉美娟; Yeh, Mei-Chuan; 中興大學-
2011Nafion 修飾型紅外光感測器量測尿液中肌酸酐含量之效果探討黃悉雅; Hsi-Ya Huang; 黃景帆; Jing-Fang Huang; 楊吉斯; Jyisy Yang; 余奕麟; Yu, Yi-Lin; 中興大學-
2008Nafion修飾紅外光化學感測器選擇性感測精胺酸之效果探討黃悉雅; 黃景帆; 楊吉斯; 呂滿玉; Lu, Mon-Yu; 中興大學-
2014Preparation and Characterization of Nitrogen Containing Mesoporous Carbon from Melamine-formaldehyde Resin by the Chemical Activation黃景帆; 張文榮; Wen-Rhone Chang; 化學系所