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2006Characteristics and interactions of threading dislocations in GaN films grown on (0001) sapphire substrates with or without short-period superlattice insertion龔志榮; Wang, W.L.; Gong, J.R.; Wang, C.L.; Liao, W.T.; He, J.L.; Chi, Y.C.; Shi, J.B.-
2011Characteristics of Al-doped ZnO films grown on (11-20) sapphire substrates using atomic layer deposition許薰丰; H.F. Hsu; 林泰源; 林得裕; T.Y. Lin; D.Y. Lin; 龔志榮; J.R. Gong; 楊竣雄; Yang, Jyun-Syong; 中興大學-
2012Characteristics of InGaN-based LEDs using In-doped ZnO transparent conductive layers龔志榮; Jyh-Rong Gong; 李俊緯; Li, Chun-Wei; 中興大學-
2009Characteristics of ZnO films grown on (01-12) sapphire substrates by atomic layer deposition薛顯宗; 陳偉立; 龔志榮; 蔡坤堯; Tsai, Kuen-Yau; 中興大學-
2008Characteristics of ZnO films grown on (11-20) sapphire substrates by atomic layer deposition薛顯宗; 蔡政達; 龔志榮; Yen, Kuo-Yi; 嚴國藝; 中興大學-
2007Comparison of the performance of InGaN/AlGaN MQW LEDs grown on c-plane and a-plane sapphire substratesLiao, W.T.; 龔志榮; Gong, J.R.; Wang, C.L.; Wang, W.L.; Tsuei, C.C.; Lee, C.Y.; Chen, K.C.; Ho, J.R.; Luo, R.C.-
2005Deposition of AlGaN films on (111)Si substrates and optimization of GaN growth on Si using intermediate-temperature AlGaN buffer layers龔志榮; Wang, C.L.; Gong, J.R.; Liao, W.T.; Lin, C.K.; Lin, T.Y.-
2009Direct deposition of low temperature ZnO films on (11-20) sapphire substrates by atomic layer deposition林得裕; Der-Yuh Lin; 許薰丰; Hsun Feng Hsu; Jyh-Rong Gong; 龔志榮; 郭耿宏; Guo, Geng-Hong; 中興大學-
2011Effect of IZO Transparent Conductive Layer on the Light Extraction of an InGaN LED龔志榮; 行政院國家科學委員會; 國立中興大學物理系(所)-
2015The effect of silicon dioxide current distribution layer on the performance of a vertical GaN-based LED龔志榮; Jyh-Rong Gong; Yi-Chun Chou; 周怡君; 物理學系所
2009Effects of process parameters on the properties of carbon coatings for optical fibers prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition楊聰仁; Tsong-Jen Yang; 林新智; 呂福興; 何永鈞; 林益全; 龔志榮; 蔡松雨; 林景崎; Hsin-Chih Lin; 薛顯宗; Sham-Tsong Shiue; 林宏謙; Lin, Hung-Chien; 中興大學-
2009Effects of rapid thermal annealing on the properties of hermetically carbon-coated optical fibers prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition龔志榮; 蔡健益; 薛顯宗; 余任豐; Yu, Jen-Feng; 中興大學-
2012Fabrication and Characteristics of n type Carbon Thin Films Using Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition and Their Feasibilities of Applications for Solar Cells呂福興; 楊聰仁; 龔志榮; 何主亮; 薛顯宗; 林嘉雅; Lin, Chia-Ya; 中興大學-
2011Growth and characterization of In-doped ZnO films on (11-20) sapphire substrates using atomic layer deposition許薰丰; Hsun-Feng Hsu; 江建德; Cheng-Der Chiang; 龔志榮; Jyh-Rong Gong; 蕭琦穎; Chi-Ying, Hsiao; 中興大學-
2006Growth of AlGaN and GaN films on (1120) Al2O3 substrates and the influence of V/III ratio on the properties of GaN filmsLiao, W.T.; 龔志榮; Gong, J.R.; Lin, S.W.; Wang, C.L.; Lin, T.Y.; Chen, K.C.; Cheng, Y.C.; Lin, W.J.-
2006II-族氧化物薄膜及其發光元件製作之研究龔志榮; 中興大學物理系; 行政院國家科學委員會-
2006Improvement in the characteristics of GaN-based light-emitting diodes by inserting AlGaN-GaN short-period superlattices in GaN underlayers龔志榮; Wang, C.L.; Gong, J.R.; Yeh, M.F.; Wu, B.J.; Liao, W.T.; Lin, T.Y.; Lin, C.K.-
2007Influence of AlGaN/GaN superlattice inserted structure on the performance of InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well light emitting diodes龔志榮; Wang, C.L.; Tsai, M.C.; Gong, J.R.; Liao, W.T.; Lin, P.Y.; Yen, K.Y.; Chang, C.C.; Lin, H.Y.; Hwang, S.K.-
2013The influence of atmospheric pressure selenization of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 absorber using organoselenide on the properties of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells龔志榮; 國立中興大學物理系(所); 行政院國家科學委員會-
2006Influence of the trench depths of grooved GaN templates on the characteristics of overgrown AlGaN filmsWang, C.L.; 龔志榮; Wang, W.L.; Liao, W.T.; Gong, J.R.; Lin, C.K.; Lin, T.Y.-