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2014An unusual Wittig reaction with sugar derivatives: exclusive formation of a 4-deoxy analogue of α-galactosyl ceramideSawant, Ratnnadeep C.; Lih, Yu-Hsuan; Yang, Shih-An; Yeh, Chun-Hong; Tai, Hung-Ju; Huang, Chung-Li; Lin, Hua-Shuan; Badsara, Satpal Singh; Luo, Shun-Yuan
2014Copper-Catalyzed Cross-CouplingLigand-Free Conditions Reaction of Thiols with Aryl Iodides underHuang, Yu-Ting; Tsai, Wan-Ting; Badsara, Satpal Singh; Chan, Chien-Ching; Lee, Chin-Fa-
4-Jun-2018Engineered C-S Bond ConstructionLee, Chin-Fa; 李進發; Basha, R Sidick; Badsara, Satpal Singh-
2014Metal-free cross-coupling reaction of aldehydes with disulfides by using DTBP as an oxidant under solvent-free conditionsZeng, Jing-Wen; Liu, Yi-Chen; Hsieh, Ping-An; Huang, Yu-Ting; Yi, Chih-Lun; Badsara, Satpal Singh; Lee, Chin-Fa
7-Oct-2014Metal-free sp(3) C-H functionalization: a novel approach for the syntheses of selenide ethers and thioesters from methyl arenesBadsara, Satpal Singh; Liu, Yi-Chen; Hsieh, Ping-An; Zeng, Jing-Wen; Lu, Shao-Yi; Liu, Yi-Wei; Lee, Chin-Fa
2014Syntheses of selenoesters through C–H selenation of aldehydes with diselenides under metal-free and solvent-free conditionsLiou, Jyun-Cyuan; Badsara, Satpal Singh; Huang, Yu-Ting; Lee, Chin-Fa
2014Synthesis of ganglioside Hp-s1Chen, Wan-Shin; Sawant, Ratnnadeep C.; Yang, Shih-An; Liao, Ying-Ju; Liao, Jung-Wei; Badsara, Satpal Singh; Luo, Shun-Yuan
2014Transition-Metal-Free Syntheses of Pyridine-Containing Thioethers Through Two-Fold CS Bond FormationBadsara, Satpal Singh; Chan, Chien-Ching; Lee, Chin-Fa-