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2010Adsorption of Carbon Dioxide from Gas Streams via Mesoporous Spherical-Silica ParticlesLu, C.Y.; 盧重興; Bai, H.L.; Su, F.S.; Chen, W.F.; Hwang, J.F.; Lee, H.H.-
2009Capture of CO2 from flue gas via multiwalled carbon nanotubesSu, F.S.; Lu, C.S.; Cnen, W.F.; Bai, H.L.; Hwang, J.F.-
2008Comparative study of CO2 capture by carbon nanotubes, activated carbons, and zeolitesLu, C.Y.; 盧重興; Bai, H.L.; Wu, B.L.; Su, F.S.; Fen-Hwang, J.-
2004Estimation of PAHs dry deposition and BaP toxic equivalency factors (TEFs) study at Urban, Industry Park and rural sampling sites in central Taiwan, TaichungFang, G.C.; 盧重興; Chang, K.F.; Lu, C.S.; Bai, H.L.-
2003Measurement of atmospheric particles and anionic species across central TaiwanFang, G.C.; 盧重興; Chang, K.F.; Lu, C.S.; Bai, H.L.-
2012Pilot-scale production of mesoporous silica-based adsorbent for CO2 captureWang, H.C.; Lu, C.S.; Bai, H.L.; Hwang, J.F.; Lee, H.H.; Chen, W.; Kang, Y.H.; Chen, S.T.; Su, F.S.; Kuo, S.C.; Hu, F.C.-
2002A theoretical evaluation on the HNO3 artifact of the annular denuder system due to evaporation and diffusional deposition of NH4NO3-containing aerosolsChang, K.F.; 盧重興; Lu, C.S.; Bai, H.L.; Fang, G.C.-
2009Thermodynamics and regeneration of CO2 adsorption on mesoporous spherical-silica particlesLu, C.Y.; Su, F.S.; Hsu, S.C.; Chen, W.F.; Bai, H.L.; Hwang, J.F.; Lee, H.H.-
2002Toxic equivalency factors study of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Taichung City, TaiwanFang, G.C.; 盧重興; Chang, K.F.; Lu, C.S.; Bai, H.L.-