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2008(American Journal of Applied Sciences,05(5):565-573)Optimal Control of the D policy M/G/1 Queueing System with server breakdownsK. H. Wang; C. C. Kuo; J. C. Ke; 國立中興大學應用數學系-
2000(Applied Mathematical Modelling,24(12):957-967)Cost and Probabilistic Analysis of Series Systems with Mixed Standby ComponentsK. H. Wang; C. C. Kuo; 國立中興大學應用數學系-
2008(Applied Mathematical Modelling,32(6):958-970)A recursive method for the F policy G/M/1/K queueing system with an exponential startup timeK. H. Wang; C. C. Kuo; W. L. Pearn; 國立中興大學應用數學系-
Feb-1988Effects of the Environmental Factors on the Growth of Bahia GrassC. P. Yen; 郭俊傑; C. C. Kuo; 顏正平
Nov-1998The I-V Characteristics of p/i/n a-Si:H Solar Cell with the I layer Deposited with Pulse Modulation RF Power江雨龍; Yeu-Long Jiang; Y. L. Jiang; C. C. Kuo; 國立中興大學光電工程研究所-
2001( J. Med. Sci., 21:201-206)Metal binding site of pigeon liver malic enzymeH. C. Hung; W. Y. Chou; C. C. Kuo; T. M. Huang; G. G. Chang; 國立中興大學基因體暨生物資訊學研究所-
2007(Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications,135(11):285-299)Optimal Control of an M/G/1/K Queueing System with combined F-policy and Startup TimesK. H. Wang; C. C. Kuo; W. L. Pearn; 國立中興大學應用數學系-
Nov-2002(Proceedings of IEDMS 2002,p511-p514)Controlling the silicon and hydrogen bonding configurations and its influence of photodegradation in a-Si:H pin solar cells江雨龍; Yeu-Long Jiang; Y. L. Jiang; K. S. Lin; C. C. Kuo; Y. C. Chang; L. S. Chu; C. H. Yu; C. C. Lin; C. H. Tai; W. H.Tu; K. A. Su; 國立中興大學光電工程研究所-
2002(PROTEIN SCIENCE , 11:332-341)Structural studies of the pigeon cytosolic NADP+-dependent malic enzymeH. C. Hung; Z. Yang; Zhang. H.; C. C. Kuo; L. C. Tsai; H. S. Yuan; W. Y. Chou; G. G. Chang; L. Tong; 國立中興大學基因體暨生物資訊學研究所-