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2010Alternative splicing and genetic diversity of the white collar-1 (wc-1) gene in cereal Phaeosphaeria pathogensChiu, E.Y.H.; Lin, Y.H.; Wu, W.; Song, Q.J.; Chang, P.F.L.; Gao, L.Y.; Chou, C.C.; Ueng, P.P.-
2009Development of a molecular marker for specific detection of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp cubense race 4Lin, Y.H.; 黃振文; Chang, J.Y.; Liu, E.T.; Chao, C.P.; Huang, J.W.; Chang, P.F.L.; 張碧芳-
2009Development of a molecular method for rapid differentiation of watermelon lines resistant to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp niveumLin, Y.H.; 黃振文; Chen, K.S.; Liou, T.D.; Huang, J.W.; Chang, P.F.L.; 張碧芳-
2010Development of the molecular methods for rapid detection and differentiation of Fusarium oxysporum and F. oxysporum f. sp niveum in TaiwanLin, Y.H.; 黃振文; Chen, K.S.; Chang, J.Y.; Wan, Y.L.; Hsu, C.C.; Huang, J.W.; Chang, P.F.L.-
2007Diversity of the trifunctional histidine biosynthesis gene (his) in cereal Phaeosphaeria speciesWang, C.L.; 張碧芳; Malkus, A.; Zuzga, S.M.; Chang, P.F.L.; Cunfer, B.M.; Arseniuk, E.; Ueng, P.P.-
2009Group I introns in small subunit ribosomal DNA (SSU-rDNA) of cereal Phaeosphaeria speciesWang, C.L.; 張碧芳; Chang, P.F.L.; Lin, Y.H.; Malkus, A.; Gao, L.Y.; Ueng, P.P.-
2008Histopathology comparison and phenylalanine ammonia lyase (PAL) gene expressions in Fusarium wilt infected watermelonsChang, P.F.L.; 黃振文; Hsu, C.C.; Lin, Y.H.; Chen, K.S.; Huang, J.W.; Liou, T.D.; 張碧芳-
2007Induction of a cDNA clone from rice encoding a class II small heat shock protein by heat stress, mechanical injury, and salicylic acidChang, P.F.L.; 張碧芳; Jinn, T.L.; Huang, W.K.; Chen, Y.S.; Chang, H.M.; Wang, C.W.-
2001Isolation and characterization of the third gene encoding a 16.9 kDa class I low-molecular-mass heat shock protein, Oshsp 16.9C, in riceChang, P.F.L.; 張碧芳; Huang, C.Y.; Chang, F.C.; Tseng, T.S.; Lin, W.C.; Lin, C.Y.-
2006RNA polyrnerase II gene (RPB2) encoding the second largest protein subunit in Phaeosphaeria nodorum and P-avenariaMalkus, A.; 張碧芳; Chang, P.F.L.; Zuzga, S.M.; Chung, K.R.; Shao, J.; Cunfer, B.M.; Arseniuk, E.; Ueng, P.P.-
2005Sequence diversity of beta-tubulin (tubA) gene in Phaeosphaeria nodorum and P. avenariaMalkus, A.; 張碧芳; Reszka, E.; Chang, C.J.; Arseniuk, E.; Chang, P.F.L.; Ueng, P.P.-