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2011Anti-Hyperglycemic Properties of Crude Extract and Triterpenes from Poria cocosLi, Tzu-Hsuan; Hou, Chia-Chung; Chang, Cicero Lee-Tian; Yang, Wen-Chin; 國立中興大學獸醫系; National Chung Hsing University,Department of Veterinary Medicine; Miao-zhen Luo
11-Apr-2016Bidens pilosa and its active compound inhibit adipogenesis and lipid accumulation via down-modulation of the C/EBP and PPARγ pathwaysLiang, Yu-Chuan; Yang, Meng-Ting; Lin, Chuan-Ju; Chang, Cicero Lee-Tian; Yang, Wen-Chin-
2015Bidens pilosa Formulation Improves Blood Homeostasis and β -Cell Function in Men: A Pilot StudyLai, Bun-Yueh; Chen, Tzung-Yan; Huang, Shou-Hsien; Kuo, Tien-Fen; Chang, Ting-Hsiang; Chiang, Chih-Kang; Yang, Meng-Ting; Chang, Cicero Lee-Tian-
26-May-2016Cytopiloyne, a polyacetylenic glucoside from Bidens pilosa, acts as a novel anticandidal agent via regulation of macrophagesChung, Chih-Yao; Yang, Wen-Chin; Liang, Chih-Lung; Liu, Hsien-Yueh; Lai, Shih-Kai; Chang, Cicero Lee-Tian-
Sep-2012Exendin-4 improves resistance to Listeria monocytogenes infection in diabetic db/db miceLiu, Hsien Yueh; Chung, Chih-Yao; Yang, Wen-Chin; Liang, Chih-Lung; Wang, Chi-Young; Chang, Chih-Yu; Chang, Cicero Lee-Tian; Wei Chun Wang-
21-Apr-2016Field trial of medicinal plant, Bidens pilosa, against eimeriosis in broilersChang, Cicero Lee-Tian; Yang, Cheng-Ying; Muthamilselvan, Thangarasu; Yang, Wen-Chin-
2002Ketoconazole對雄畜睪丸類固醇生合成作用之研究馮翰鵬; Hang-Poung Fung; 張力天; Chang, Cicero Lee-Tian-