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2007Assembly of nanoparticle patterns with single-particle resolution using DNA-mediated charge trapping technique: Method and applicationsLin, H.Y.; Tsai, L.C.; Chen, C.D.-
2007Control and detection of organosilane polarization on nanowire field-effect transistorsLin, M.C.; Chu, C.J.; Tsai, L.C.; Lin, H.Y.; Wu, C.S.; Wu, Y.P.; Wu, Y.N.; Shieh, D.B.; Su, Y.W.; Chen, C.D.-
2004Controlled placement and electrical contact properties of individual multiwalled carbon nanotubes on patterned silicon chips郭華丞; Hsiou, Y.F.; Yang, Y.J.; Stobinski, L.; Kuo, W.; Chen, C.D.-
2006Coupled single-electron transistors as a differential voltage amplifier郭華丞; Wu, C.S.; 陳啟東; Lin, C.F.; Kuo, W.; Chen, C.D.-
2007Cyclotron localization in a sub-10-nm silicon quantum dot single electron transistor郭華丞; Lin, M.C.; Aravind, K.; Wu, C.S.; Wu, Y.P.; Kuan, C.H.; Kuo, W.; Chen, C.D.-
2006DNA as an electron-beam-sensitive reagent for nanopatterning陳啟東; Lin, H.Y.; Tsai, L.C.; Chi, P.Y.; Chen, C.D.-
2011Effect of the electromagnetic environment on the dynamics of charge and phase particles in one-dimensional arrays of small Josephson junctions郭華丞; Ho, I.L.; Kuo, W.; Lin, S.D.; Lee, C.P.; Liang, C.T.; Wu, C.S.; Chen, C.D.-
2006Generation of nano-scaled DNA patterns through electro-beam induced charge trappingChi, P.Y.; Lin, H.Y.; Liu, C.H.; Chen, C.D.-
2012Magnetic-field and temperature dependence of the energy gap in InN nanobeltAravind, K.; Su, Y.W.; Chung, D.S.; Kuo, W.; Wu, C.S.; Chang-Liao, K.S.; Chen, K.H.; Chen, L.C.; Chen, C.D.-
2007One-dimensional arrays of superconducting quantum interference devices as magnetic-field-tuned superconducting detectorsKuo, W.; 郭華丞; Wu, C.S.; Shyu, J.H.; Chen, C.D.-
2006Parity effect in a superconducting island in a tunable dissipative environment郭華丞; Kuo, W.; Wu, C.S.; Shyu, J.H.; Chen, C.D.-
2008Phase diffusions due to radio-frequency excitations in one-dimensional arrays of superconductor/insulator/superconductor junctionsLiou, S.; 郭華丞; Kuo, W.; Suen, Y.W.; Wu, C.S.; Chen, C.D.-
2007Polymer-based photonic crystals fabricated with single-step electron-beam lithographyWu, C.S.; Lin, C.F.; Lin, H.Y.; Lee, C.L.; Chen, C.D.-
2007Shapiro steps observed in a superconducting single electron transistorLiou, S.; 郭華丞; Kuo, W.; Suen, Y.W.; Hsieh, W.H.; Wu, C.S.; Chen, C.D.-
2007Suppression of Cooper-pair tunneling in superconducting charge boxes in tunable electromagnetic environments郭華丞; Kuo, W.; Wu, C.S.; Shyu, J.H.; Chen, C.D.-