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2009Alternative diagnosis of corporate bankruptcy: A neuro fuzzy approachChen, H.J.; Huang, S.Y.; Lin, C.S.-
2002Ammonium released from added ammonium in surface soil claysChen, H.J.; Juang, T.C.; Wang, M.K.; Tan, C.C.-
2009Analysis of electro-kinetic pumping efficiency through finite-length nano-scale surface-charged capillariesChein, R.Y.; 簡瑞與; Chen, H.J.; Liao, C.C.-
2008ANYL 154-Hydrogenation of aromatic compounds in supercritical fluid carbon dioxide catalyzed by carbon nanotube-supported metallic nanoparticlesChen, H.J.; 鄭政峰; Pan, H.B.; Jen, J.F.; Chiu, K.H.; Wai, C.M.-
2006Assessment of sustainable development and knowledge of environmental management - Internal auditors' perspectivesShih, K.H.; Chen, H.J.; Chen, J.C.H.-
2011Catalytic hydrogenation rate of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in supercritical carbon dioxide containing polymer-stabilized palladium nanoparticlesLiao, W.S.; Liu, H.W.; Chen, H.J.; Chang, W.Y.; Chiu, K.H.; Wai, C.M.-
2012Characteristics of Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 Films Prepared by Atmospheric Pressure Selenization of Cu-In-Ga Precursors Using Ditert-Butylselenide as Se SourceHsiao, S.Y.; Yang, P.C.; Ni, H.C.; Yen, K.Y.; Chiu, C.H.; Lin, P.S.; Chen, H.J.; Wu, C.H.; Liang, S.C.; Ni, G.Y.; Jih, F.W.; Chiang, C.D.; Gong, J.R.-
2008CHED 308-Catalytic hydrogenation of aromatic compounds with carbon nanotube-supported metallic nanoparticles in supercritical fluid carbon dioxideChen, H.J.; 鄭政峰; Pan, H.B.; Jen, J.F.; Chiu, K.H.; Wai, C.M.-
2000Correlations in the diffusive maps with quenched disorderTseng, H.C.; Chen, H.J.-
1999Determination of the dividing strength and its relation to the concrete strength in lightweight aggregate concreteChen, H.J.; Yen, T.; Lia, T.P.; Huang, Y.L.-
2000The diffusion behavior of a simple map with periodic quenched disorderTseng, H.C.; Huang, P.R.; Chen, H.J.; Hu, C.K.-
1998The dividing strength of lightweight aggregate concrete and the packing strength of light-weight aggregateYen, T.; Chen, H.J.; Huang, Y.L.; Ko, C.T.-
2010Dynamic Properties of Lightweight Concrete Beams Made by Sedimentary Lightweight AggregateChen, H.J.; 陳豪吉; Huang, C.H.; Tang, C.W.-
2006Effect of nitrogen addition on the properties and thermal stability of fluorinate amorphous carbon filmsLai, C.H.; 張守一; Lai, W.S.; Chiue, H.C.; Chen, H.J.; Chang, S.Y.; Lin, S.J.-
1999The effects of quenched disorder on the chaotic diffusion for simple mapsTseng, H.C.; Chen, H.J.-
2009Electrokinetic energy conversion efficiency analysis using nanoscale finite-length surface-charged capillariesChein, R.Y.; 簡瑞與; Liao, C.C.; Chen, H.J.-
2004Emergence of a periodic profile of the time series of population in the minority gameHsieh, C.L.; Tseng, H.C.; Chen, H.J.-
2010Entropic Transport from a Discrete StandpointWang, C.Y.; 陳宏榮; Li, P.C.; Chen, H.J.; Tseng, H.C.-
2012The ERP system impact on the role of accountantsChen, H.J.; Huang, S.Y.; Chiu, A.A.; Pai, F.C.-
2003Evaluating elastic modulus of lightweight aggregateChen, H.J.; Yen, T.; Chen, K.H.-