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2009An adaptive multigrid scheme for Bose-Einstein condensates in a periodic potentialChang, S.L.; Chen, H.S.; Chien, C.S.; Han, D.J.-
2011Adsorption, Desorption, and Thermodynamic Studies of CO2 with High-Amine-Loaded Multiwalled Carbon NanotubesSu, F.S.; Lu, C.S.; Chen, H.S.-
2007Combined selective mapping and binary cyclic codes for PAPR reduction in OFDM systemsChen, H.S.; Liang, H.Y.-
2007Construction of 16-QAM and 64-QAM OFDM codes with low PAPR and large Euclidean distanceChen, H.S.; Liang, H.Y.-
2008Intra-abdominal adhesion formation induces anti-oxidative injury, enhances cell proliferation, and prevents complement-mediated lysisYu, S.L.; 陳健尉; Singh, S.; Chen, H.W.; Chen, H.Y.; Chen, J.J.W.; Chen, W.J.; Chen, H.S.; Chen, S.C.-
2008MicroRNA signature predicts survival and relapse in lung cancerYu, S.L.; 陳健尉; Chen, H.Y.; Chang, G.C.; Chen, C.Y.; Chen, H.W.; Singh, S.; Cheng, C.L.; Yu, C.J.; Lee, Y.C.; Chen, H.S.; Su, T.J.; Chiang, C.C.; Li, H.N.; Hong, Q.S.; Su, H.Y.; Chen, C.C.; Chen, W.J.; Liu, C.C.; Chan, W.K.; Li, K.C.; Chen, J.J.W.; Yang, P.C.; 劉俊吉-
2004Multigrid-conjugate gradient type methods for reaction-diffusion systemsChang, S.L.; Chen, H.S.; Chien, C.S.-
2006Optimal encoding of binary cyclic codesChen, H.S.-
2007PAPR reduction of OFDM signals using partial transmit sequences and Reed-Muller codesChen, H.S.; Liang, H.Y.-
2011A spectral collocation method for a rotating Bose-Einstein condensation in optical latticesLi, Z.C.; Chen, S.Y.; Chien, C.S.; Chen, H.S.-