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2003Accelerated aging-enhanced lipid peroxidation in bitter gourd seeds and effects of priming and hot water soaking treatmentsHsu, C.C.; Chen, C.L.; Chen, J.J.; Sung, J.M.-
2000Cascade steepest descendant learning algorithm for multilayer feedforward neural networkWang, G.J.; 王國禎; Chen, J.J.-
2001CDMA fiber-optic systems with optical hard limitersChen, J.J.; 楊谷章; Yang, G.C.-
2009Detection of somaclonal variation in micro-propagated Echinacea purpurea using AFLP markerChuang, S.J.; Chen, C.L.; Chen, J.J.; Chou, W.Y.; Sung, J.M.-
1999Effects of milling on the physicochemical characteristics of waxy rice in TaiwanChen, J.J.; Lu, S.; Lii, C.Y.-
2010Irrigation with 5 degrees C water and paclobutrazol promotes strong seedling growth in tomato (Solanum lycopersicon)Sun, Y.W.; Chen, J.J.; Chang, W.N.; Tseng, M.J.; Wu, F.S.-
2002A new construction of frequency-hopping codesChen, J.J.; 楊谷章; Yang, G.C.; Yang, C.M.-
2003Physicochemical and morphological analyses on damaged rice starchesChen, J.J.; Lii, C.Y.; Lu, S.-
1999Reaction of Rb(5(2)D, 7(2)S) with H-2Fan, L.H.; Chen, J.J.; Lin, Y.Y.; Luh, W.T.-
2007Role of the C-terminal domain of Thermus thermophilus trehalose synthase in the thermophilicity, thermostability, and efficient production of trehaloseWang, J.H.; Tsai, M.Y.; Chen, J.J.; Lee, G.C.; Shaw, J.F.-
2005Slow post-hydration drying improves initial quality but reduces longevity of primed bitter gourd seedsLin, R.H.; Chen, K.Y.; Chen, C.L.; Chen, J.J.; Sung, J.M.-
1999Spectroscopic study of the C-1 Sigma(+) state of (LiH)-Li-7Chen, J.J.; Luh, W.T.; Jeung, G.H.-
2010Using bulked AFLP analysis to assess genetic diversity in Echinacea speciesChuang, S.J.; Chen, C.L.; Chen, J.J.; Sung, J.M.-
2010Using morphological diagnosis and molecular markers to assess the clonal fidelity of micropropagated Echinacea purpurea regenerantsChuang, S.J.; Chen, C.L.; Chen, J.J.; Sung, J.M.-
2009Using RAPD markers to predict polyphenol content in aerial parts of Echinacea purpurea plantsChen, C.L.; Chuang, S.J.; Chen, J.J.; Sung, J.M.-
2011Water mobility, rheological and textural properties of rice starch gelLu, S.; Chen, J.J.; Chen, Y.K.; Li, C.Y.; Lai, P.; Chen, H.H.-