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2010Bacterial diversity in paclobutrazol applied agricultural soilsLin, C.H.; Kuo, J.; Wang, Y.W.; Chen, M.-
2010Complex Rearrangements Between Chromosomes 6, 10, and 11 With Multiple Deletions at BreakpointsLee, N.C.; Chen, M.; Ma, G.C.; Lee, D.J.; Wang, T.J.; Ke, Y.Y.; Chien, Y.H.; Hwu, W.L.-
2011A Compound Heterozygous GNPTAB Mutation Causes Mucolipidosis II With Marked Hair Color Change in a Han Chinese BabyMa, G.C.; Ke, Y.Y.; Chang, S.P.; Lee, D.J.; Chen, M.-
2000Crystal structure and banded spherulite of poly(trimethylene terephthalate)Ho, R.M.; Ke, K.Z.; Chen, M.-
2012Experimental treatment of bilateral fetal chylothorax using in-utero pleurodesisYang, Y.S.; Ma, G.C.; Shih, J.C.; Chen, C.P.; Chou, C.H.; Yeh, K.T.; Kuo, S.J.; Chen, T.H.; Hwu, W.L.; Lee, T.H.; Chen, M.-
2011Molecular delineation of the Y-borne Sry gene in the Formosan pangolin (Manis pentadactyla pentadactyla) and its phylogenetic implications for Pholidota in extant mammalsYu, H.T.; Ma, G.C.; Lee, D.J.; Chin, S.C.; Tsao, H.S.; Wu, S.H.; Shih, S.Y.; Chen, M.-
2010Number of somatic mutations in the mitochondrial D-loop region indicates poor prognosis in breast cancer, independent of TP53 mutationKuo, S.J.; Chen, M.; Ma, G.C.; Chen, S.T.; Chang, S.P.; Lin, W.Y.; Chen, Y.C.; Lee, T.H.; Lin, T.T.; Liu, C.S.-
1998On the second law of thermodynamics and contact geometryChen, M.; Tseng, H.C.-
2011Preimplantation and prenatal genetic diagnosis of aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase deficiency with an amplification refractory mutation system-quantitative polymerase chain reactionKuo, S.J.; Ma, G.C.; Chang, S.P.; Wu, H.H.; Chen, C.P.; Chang, T.M.; Lin, W.H.; Wu, S.H.; Lee, M.H.; Hwu, W.L.; Chen, M.-
2010Prenatal transient alveolomaxillary defect in a case of mucolipidosis II (I-cell disease)Chen, M.; Ke, Y.Y.; Chang, S.P.; Lee, D.J.; Chen, C.H.; Ma, G.C.-
2002Regime crystallization and banded spherulite of poly(trimethylene terephthalate)Chen, M.; Chen, C.C.; Ke, K.Z.; Ho, R.M.-
2008The spectrum of the factor 8 (F8) defects in Taiwanese patients with haemophilia AMa, G.C.; Chang, S.P.; Chen, M.; Kuo, S.J.; Chang, C.S.; Shen, M.C.-
2012Use of a cytogenetic whole-genome comparison to resolve phylogenetic relationships among three species: Implications for mammalian systematics and conservation biologyYu, H.T.; Ma, G.C.; Lee, D.J.; Chin, S.C.; Chen, T.L.; Tsao, H.S.; Lin, W.H.; Wu, S.H.; Lin, C.C.; Chen, M.-