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2004Centrifugation and foam fractionation effect on mucilage recovery from Dioscorea (yam) tuberFu, Y.C.; Chen, S.; Lai, Y.J.-
2007Effects of pressure drop and superficial velocity on the bubbling fluidized bed incineratorWang, F.J.; 王豐政; Chen, S.; Lei, P.K.; Wu, C.H.-
2007Estimation of leaf nitrogen content using artificial neural network with cross-learning scheme and significant wavelengthsChen, C.T.; Chen, S.; Hsieh, K.W.; Yang, H.C.; Hsiao, S.; Yang, I.C.-
2010In Situ STM of 3-Mercaptopropanesulfonate Adsorbed on Pt(111) Electrode and Its Effect on the Electrodeposition of CopperTu, H.L.; 竇維平; Yen, P.Y.; Wu, H.L.; Chen, S.; Vogel, W.; Yau, S.; Dow, W.P.-
2010In Situ STM Revelation of the Adsorption and Polymerization of Aniline on Au(111) Electrode in Perchloric Acid and Benzenesulfonic AcidLee, Y.; 竇維平; Chen, S.; Tu, H.; Yau, S.; Fan, L.J.; Yang, Y.W.; Dow, W.P.-
2003Neural network analysis of environmental conditions influencing cabbage seedling qualityHsieh, K.W.; Chen, S.; Lai, J.H.; Yang, I.C.-
2007A rice gene activation/knockout mutant resource for high throughput functional genomicsHsing, Y.I.; 陳良築; Chern, C.G.; Fan, M.J.; Lu, P.C.; Chen, K.T.; Lo, S.F.; Sun, P.K.; Ho, S.L.; Lee, K.W.; Wang, Y.C.; Huang, W.L.; Ko, S.S.; Chen, S.; Chen, J.L.; Chung, C.I.; Lin, Y.C.; Hour, A.L.; Wang, Y.W.; Chang, Y.C.; Tsai, M.W.; Lin, Y.S.; Chen, Y.C.; Ye-
2009Transgene-specific and event-specific molecular markers for characterization of transgenic papaya lines resistant to Papaya ringspot virusFan, M.J.; 葉錫東; Chen, S.; Kung, Y.J.; Cheng, Y.H.; Bau, H.J.; Su, T.T.; Yeh, S.D.-