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2010Altitudinal distribution patterns of plant species in Taiwan are mainly determined by the northeast monsoon rather than the heat retention mechanism of MassenerhebungChiou, C.R.; Song, G.Z.M.; Chien, J.H.; Hsieh, C.F.; Wang, J.C.; Chen, M.Y.; Liu, H.Y.; Yeh, C.L.; Hsia, Y.J.; Chen, T.Y.-
2012Bilateral pulmonary cavities in a young femaleYang, S.C.; Chen, T.Y.; Chen, W.-
1999Comparison of internal bond strength and compression shear strength of wood-based materialsWang, S.Y.; Chen, T.Y.; Fann, J.D.-
1998A comprehensive solution for enhancing the efficiency and the robustness of the SLP algorithmChen, T.Y.; 陳定宇-
2006Controlled domain wall motion by current into patterned-U Ni80Fe20 wiresTsai, J.L.; Chen, D.C.; Chen, T.Y.; Cheng, K.W.; Yao, Y.D.; Lee, S.F.; Liou, Y.-
2005Current driven domain wall motion in magnetic U-patternTsai, J.L.; Lee, S.F.; Liou, Y.; Yao, Y.D.; Chen, T.Y.; Cheng, K.W.-
2005Current-induced domain-wall motion in U-shaped permalloy wireTsai, J.L.; Yao, Y.D.; Lee, S.F.; Liou, Y.; Chen, T.Y.; Cheng, K.W.-
2010Data-mining assisted structural optimization using the evolutionary algorithm and neural networkChen, T.Y.; 陳定宇; Cheng, Y.L.-
2000Determination of optimum design spaces for topology optimizationChen, T.Y.; 陳定宇; Lin, C.Y.-
2010Distributed Location Service with Spatial Awareness for Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksChen, S.K.; 王丕中; Chen, T.Y.; Wang, P.C.-
2010DoS-resistant ID-based password authentication scheme using smart cardsHwang, M.S.; 黃明祥; Chong, S.K.; Chen, T.Y.-
2006Effects of wood particle size and mixing ratios of HDPE on the properties of the compositesChen, H.C.; Chen, T.Y.; Hsu, C.H.-
2002Efficiency improvement of simulated annealing in optimal structural designsChen, T.Y.; 陳定宇; Su, J.J.-
2007Further refinement of pairing computation based on Miller's algorithmLiu, C.L.; 洪國寶; Horng, G.; Chen, T.Y.-
2000Fuzzy multiobjective topology optimizationChen, T.Y.; 陳定宇; Shieh, C.C.-
2008Improved rank-niche evolution strategy algorithm for constrained multiobjective optimizationChen, T.Y.; 陳定宇; Chen, M.C.-
2007Interior flooring material made of wood particle-plastic composites by flat-platen pressingChen, H.C.; Fann, J.D.; Chen, T.Y.; Hsu, C.H.; Chen, Y.P.-
2006Magnetoresistance and domain wall motion in horseshoe Ni(80)Fe(20) wiresTsai, J.L.; Chen, T.Y.; Cheng, K.W.; Lee, S.F.; Yao, Y.D.-
2009Mixed-discrete structural optimization using a rank-niche evolution strategyChen, T.Y.; 陳定宇; Chen, H.C.-