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Jun-2017Benefit evaluation of environment conservation using land cover change in the Ao-gu WetlandTing-Ju Hsieh; Cheng-Yu Lin; Po-Cheng Wang; 謝婷如; 林政侑; 王柏程
Jun-2016Enhancement of environment education effectiveness for outdoor classroom using the viewpoints of junior high school studentsTsung-Ju Hsieh; Cheng-Yu Lin; Chao-Yuan Lin; 謝宗儒; 林政侑; 林昭遠
2014Evaluation of Priority Order for The Landslide Treatment Using Biodiversity Index in A Watershed陳添水; 林政侑; 何世華; 林昭遠; 楊耀隆; Tien-Shui Chen; Cheng-Yu Lin; Shih-Hua Ho; Chao-Yuan Lin; Yaw-Long Yang
Sep-2013Extraction and application of topographic depressions along the roads in the Yizen bridge watershed located at the upstream of the Puzih River林昭遠; 賴臆心; 林政侑; Chao-Yuan Lin; Yi-Shin Lai; Cheng-Yu Lin
Sep-2016Extraction of Wildfire Potential Site Using Environmental IndicesChiao-Jou Hsieh; Chuphan Chompuchan; Cheng-Yu Lin; 謝巧柔; 蘇潘; 林政侑
Mar-2017The functionality evaluation of aeolian dust prevention using macromolecule materialMon-Ling Chiang; Chao-Yuan Lin; Cheng-Yu Lin; 江孟玲; 林昭遠; 林政侑
Dec-2013Snowmelt of Shei-Pa cirque on the discharge of Chechawan creek in response to climate changeJiun-hau Jian; Cheng-Yu Lin; Chao-Yuan Lin; 簡俊豪; 林政侑; 林昭遠
Dec-2017Special Agricultural Area Delineation for Fruit on Slope Lands from the Perspective of Soil and Water ConservationTzu-Chin Chen; Yuan-Chung Lai; Cheng-Yu Lin; Jen-Lin Yeh; Jie-Dar Cheng; 陳子晴; 賴原崇; 林政侑; 葉正霖; 鄭皆達
Dec-2016A study of relationship between the rainfall return period and the landslide site in a watershedCheng-Yu Lin; Yuan-Jung Chen; Chao-Yuan Lin; 林政侑; 陳垣榮; 林昭遠
Jun-2014A study of screening the suitable sites for water storage in a watershedChao-Yuan Lin; Jung-Ming Lin; Cheng-Yu Lin; 林昭遠; 林忠明; 林政侑
2018因應坡地災害山坡地土地可利用限度分類之劃定研究林昭遠; Cheng-Yu Lin; 林政侑; 水土保持學系所
Dec-2012濁水溪下游河段揚塵發生之影響因素林昭遠; Chao-Yuan Lin; 林政侑; Cheng-Yu Lin