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Aug-1982Contributions to the Dicotyledonous Plants of Taiwan (Ⅶ):WAN(Ⅶ)劉業經; 歐辰雄; Yeh-Ching Liu; Chern-Hsiung Ou
Mar-1984Contributions to the Dicotyledonous Plants of Taiwan (Ⅷ)Chern-Hsiung Ou; 歐辰雄
Mar-1985Contributions to the Dicotyledonous Plants of Taiwan (Ⅸ)Chern-Hsiung Ou; 歐辰雄
Sep-1994Cuticle Micromorphology of Litseeae(Lauraceae) from Taiwan歐辰雄; 蕭如英; 廖秋成; Chern-Hsiung Ou; Ju-Ying Hsiao; Chiou-Chen Liao
Mar-1990Cuticular Features of Taiwan Lauraceae and Their Taxonomic Significance歐辰雄; Chern-Hsiung Ou
Mar-1984The Effect of Fire on Forest SoilFu-Yuan Lu; Chern-Hsiung Ou; Chiou-Cheng Liao; 呂福原; 歐辰雄; 廖秋成
Mar-1986SEM Studies of Folia Surfaces Feature of Litsea(Lauraceae) in Taiwan歐辰雄; Chern-Hsiung Ou
Mar-1994Study on Phytosociology of Secondary Forest in Machilus-Castanopsis Zone at Hue-Sun Experimental Forest Station呂金誠; 李明益; 歐辰雄; King-Cherng Lu; Ming-Yi Li; Chern-Hsiung Ou
Sep-1994Study on Population Ecology of Taiwan incense-cedar in central Taiwan呂金誠; 吳宗穎; 歐辰雄; King-Cherng Lu; Tzong-Yiing Wu; Chern-Hsiung Ou
Mar-1984The Succession of India-Charcoal Trema Vegetation on the Alluvium Lau-Dau Brook , Huey-Suen Forest Station(Ⅰ)Fu-Yuan Lu; Chern-Hsiung Ou; Chiou-Cheng Liao; 呂福原; 歐辰雄; 廖秋成
Mar-1985Supplement of the Florula of Huey-suen Forest Station(V)Yeh-Ching Liu; Chern-Hsiung Ou; King-Cherng Lu; 劉業經; 歐辰雄; 呂金誠
Mar-1990Taxonomic Studies of Rhamnaceae in Taiwan劉業經; 呂福原; 歐辰雄; 王秋美; Yeh-Ching Liu; Fu-Yuen Lu; Chern-Hsiung Ou; Chiou-Meei Wang
2010台中地區稜果榕物候之研究歐辰雄; Chern-Hsiung Ou; 呂福原; 周蓮香; Fu-Yuan Lu; Lien-Siang Chou; 曾喜育; Yen-Hsueh Tseng; 何伊喬; Ho, Yi-Chiao; 中興大學-
Mar-1989台灣產木薑子屬植物之精油之化學分類研究Ju-Ying Hsiao; Chern-Hsiung Ou; 蕭如英; 歐辰雄
2009台灣產蘭科斑葉蘭屬之分類研究蘇鴻傑; Horng-Jye Su; 呂福原; 彭鏡毅; 葉慶龍; 邱文良; Fu-Yuan Lu; Ching-I Peng; Yeh,Wen-Liang; Wen-Liang Chiou; 歐辰雄; Chern-Hsiung Ou; 鐘詩文; Wen, Chung Shih; 中興大學-
Mar-1987台灣雙子葉植物新見(十)Chern-Hsiung Ou; 歐辰雄
1994合歡山區玉山箭竹族群之類黃素變異及遺傳結構蕭如英; Ju-Ying Hsiao; 歐辰雄; Chern-Hsiung Ou; 王冰心; Wang, Bing-Shin-
2007孔隙對苗栗縣海岸木麻黃林物種多樣性之影響蘇鴻傑; Hong-Jye Su; 陳明義; 呂福原; Ming-Yi Chen; Fu-Yuen Lu; 歐辰雄; Chern-Hsiung Ou; 高貴珍; Kao, Gui-Zhen; 中興大學-
Sep-1993惠蓀實驗林場東峰溪集水區植群分析呂金誠; 羅南璋; 歐辰雄; King-Cherng Lu; Nan-Jang Lo; Chern-Hsiung Ou
1997惠蓀林場牛奶榕與牛奶榕小蜂之共生研究呂福原; Chern-Hsiung Ou; 歐辰雄; 曾喜育; Tzeng, Hsy-Yu-