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Dec-1994Effect of Auxins on the Cutting of Rose賴建旗; Chien-Chi Lai; 朱建鏞; Chien-Young Chu
Dec-1995Effect of Density on the Quality of Potted Miniature Roses陳昌岑; Ching-Tsen Chen; 朱建鏞; Chien-Young Chu
Jun-2004Effect of Paclobutrazol and Uniconazole on Growth and Flowering of Chinese Ixora陳麗筠; Li-Yun Chen; 朱建鏞; 黃敏展; Chien-Young Chu; Min-Chang Huang
Mar-1999Effect of Temperature on the Fruiting of Poinsettia楊梨玲; Li-Ling Yang; 朱建鏞; Chien-Young Chu
Dec-1997Effect of the Number and Renewal Cycle of Bent Shoots on the Productivity of Rose Cut Flowers李傑妮; Chieh-Ni Lee; 朱建鏞; Chien-Young Chu
Dec-2006Effects of Phosphorus on Growth of Mini Poinsettia (Euphorbia publcherrima)葉姿瑩; Tzu-Ying Yeh; 林深林; 朱建鏞; Shen-Lin Lin; Chien-Young Chu; Department of Horticulture, National Chung Hsing University. Taiwan
Sep-2006Flower Bud as Explant for Agrobacterium tumefacien-mediated Transformation of Pigment Gene in Chrysanthemum.陳彥銘; Yen-Ming Chen; 王強生; 朱建鏞; Chang-Sheng Wang; Chien-Young Chu; Department of Horticulture, National Chung Hsing University
2013The Hybridization of Euphorbia × lomi and Mutants of Thornless Euphorbia milii 'Pink Fairy洪若玫; 朱建鏞; Jo-Mei Hung; Chien-Young Chu
Dec-2003The Improvement of Somatic Embryogenesis and Embryo Growth of Poinsettia.Chien-Young Chu; 馮莉真; Li-Jean Feng; 朱建鏞
Mar-2001The Industry of Phalaenopsis in Taiwan蔡媦婷; Wei-Ting Tsai; 朱建鏞; Chien-Young Chu
2013The Interspecific Crossing between Kalanchoe Cultivars and Kalanchoe nyikae Engl.Sheng-Jian Lu; Chien-Young Chu; 盧勝鍵; 朱建鏞
Dec-1991Leaf Characterization of Microcultured, Acclimatized under Mist and Greenhouse-grown Miniature Rose by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)朱建鏞; Chien-Young Chu; Sharon L. Knight
2013The Mutation of Bougainvillea in vitro by Mutagents范芳綺; 朱建鏞; Fang-Chi Fan; Chien-Young Chu
Dec-1991Propagating Gerbera ( Gerbera hybrida Hort. ) by Cutting黃敏展; Min-Chang Huang; 朱建鏞; Chien-Young Chu
Mar-2005The Propagation of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. via Cutting and SeedlingChien-Young Chu; 丁川翊; Chuan-Yi Ting; 朱建鏞
Dec-1996The Seedling Age in Plug on the Development of Bedding Plants林佳慧; Chia-Hui Lin; 朱建鏞; Chien-Young Chu
Dec-2001The Use of Gamma Ray on Mutation of Chrysanthemum (Dendranthema x grandiflorum (Ramat.) Kitamura)魏芳明; Fang-Ming Wei; 朱建鏞; 黃敏展; Chien-Young Chu; Min-Chang Huang
1999一年作玫瑰切花生產之育苗盆型及繁殖月份之研究朱建鏞; Chien-Young Chu; 李進雄; Lee, Chin-Hsiung-
Mar-2002乳羅黛粉葉誘變種之微體繁殖蕭伊芸; Yi-Yun Hsiao; 朱建鏞; Chien-Young Chu
2004仙丹花花芽分化和開花調節黃敏展; Chien-Young Chu; 朱建鏞; 陳麗筠; Chen, Li-Yun-