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12-Jan-2018A star polymer with a metallo-phthalocyanine core as a tunable charge storage material for nonvolatile transistor memory devicesJunko Aimi; Po-Hung Wang; Chien-Chung Shih; Chih-Feng Huang; 黃智峯; Takashi Nakanishi; Masayuki Takeuchi; Han-Yu Hsueh; Wen-Chang Chen
Aug-2015Dual-functionalized cellulose nanofibrils prepared through TEMPO-mediated oxidation and surface-initiated ATRPChih-Feng Huang; Jem-Kun Chen; Tzung-Yung Tsai; Ya-An Hsieh; Kun-Yi Andrew Lin
1-Aug-2015Peripheral group effects on the photophysical and photovoltaic properties of bulk-heterojunction type solar cells based on star-shaped conjugate molecules with triphenylamine coreYu-Wen Kao; Wan-Hua Lee; Ru-Jong Jeng; Chih-Feng Huang; Jeng Yue Wu; Rong-Ho Lee
8-Jun-2017Synthesis of PNVP-Based Copolymers with Tunable Thermosensitivity by Sequential Reversible Addition–Fragmentation Chain Transfer Copolymerization and Ring-Opening PolymerizationYi-Shen Huang; Jem-Kun Chen; Tao Chen; 黃智峯; Chih-Feng Huang
16-Jan-2018Synthesis of Poly(N-H benzamide)-b-poly(lauryl methacrylate)-b-poly(N-H benzamide) symmetrical triblock copolymers by combinations of CGCP, SARA ATRP, and SA ATRCKuan-Yu Lai; Yi-Shen Huang; Che-Yi Chu; Chih-Feng Huang
6-Nov-2018Synthesis of well-defined PCL-b-PnBA-b-PMMA ABC-type triblock copolymers: toward the construction of nanostructures in epoxy thermosetsChih-Feng Huang; 黃智峯; Wen-Hua Chen; Junko Aimi; Yi-Shen Huang; Sathesh Venkatesan; Yeo-Wan Chiang; Shih-Hung Huang; Shiao-Wei Kuo; Tao Chen
13-May-2017Synthesis of Well-Defined Poly(N-H Benzamide-co-N-Octyl Benzamide)s and the Study of their Blends with Nylon 6黃智峯; Chih-Feng Huang; Miao-Jia Chen; Ching-Hsuan Lin; Yeo-Wan Chiang
Oct-2015TEMPO-oxidized pulp as an efficient and recyclable sorbent to remove paraquat from waterKun-Yi Andrew Lin; Yu-Tsung Heish; Tzung-Yung Tsai; Chih-Feng Huang-
2014表面起始 ATRP 於 TEMPO 氧化改質之奈米纖維素及高透光光學紙膜之應用黃智峰; Chih-Feng Huang; Tzung-Yung Tsai; 蔡宗運; 化學工程學系所