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2000Antioxidant activity of anthraquinones and anthroneYen, G.C.; 顏國欽; Duh, P.D.; Chuang, D.Y.-
2000Antioxidant properties of water extracts from Cassia tora L. in relation to the degree of roastingYen, G.C.; 顏國欽; Chuang, D.Y.-
2007Cloning and expression of the Erwinia carotovora subsp carotovora gene encoding the low-molecular-weight bacteriocin carocin S1Chuang, D.Y.; 莊敦堯; Chien, Y.C.; Wu, H.P.-
2007Comparison of interferon-gamma response between tuberculosis and non-tubercular pneumoniaWu, H.P.; 莊敦堯; Hua, C.C.; Liu, Y.C.; Chuang, D.Y.-
2007Cytopiloyne, a polyacetylenic glucoside, prevents type 1 diabetes in nonobese diabetic miceChang, C.L.T.; 張力天; Chang, S.L.; Lee, Y.M.; Chiang, Y.M.; Chuang, D.Y.; Kuo, H.K.; Yang, W.C.-
2007Decreased in vitro interferon-7 production in patients with cavilary tuberculosis on chest radiographyWu, H.P.; 莊敦堯; Hua, C.C.; Chuang, D.Y.-
2007Efficiency of interleukin-4 expression in patients with tuberculosis and nontubercular pneumoniaWu, H.P.; 莊敦堯; Wu, C.L.; Yu, C.C.; Liu, Y.C.; Chuang, D.Y.-
2008Expression of short-form oncostatin M receptor as a decoy receptor in lung adenocarcinomasChen, D.R.; 莊敦堯; Chu, C.Y.; Chen, C.Y.; Yang, H.C.; Chiang, Y.Y.; Lin, T.Y.; Chiang, I.P.; Chuang, D.Y.; Yu, C.C.; Chow, K.C.; 周寬基-
2009Extracellular secretion of Carocin S1 in Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp carotovorum occurs via the type III secretion system integral to the bacterial flagellumChan, Y.C.; 莊敦堯; Wu, H.P.; Chuang, D.Y.-
2011Factors Associated With In Vitro Interferon-gamma Production in TuberculosisYu, C.C.; 莊敦堯; Liu, Y.C.; Chu, C.M.; Chuang, D.Y.; Wu, W.C.; Wu, H.P.-
2010High interleukin-12 production from stimulated peripheral blood mononuclear cells of type 2 diabetes patientsWu, H.P.; 莊敦堯; Kuo, S.F.; Wu, S.Y.; Chuang, D.Y.-
2008The interleukin-4 expression in patients with severe sepsisWu, H.P.; 莊敦堯; Wu, C.L.; Chen, C.K.; Chung, K.; Tseng, J.C.; Liu, Y.C.; Chuang, D.Y.-
2009Plasma Transforming Growth Factor-beta 1 Level in Patients with Severe Community-acquired Pneumonia and Association with Disease SeverityWu, H.P.; 莊敦堯; Chen, C.K.; Chung, K.; Jiang, B.Y.; Yu, T.J.; Chuang, D.Y.-
2009Serial cytokine levels in patients with severe sepsisWu, H.P.; 莊敦堯; Chen, C.K.; Chung, K.; Tseng, J.C.; Hua, C.C.; Liu, Y.C.; Chuang, D.Y.; Yang, C.H.-
2011Serial increase of IL-12 response and human leukocyte antigen-DR expression in severe sepsis survivorsWu, H.P.; Shih, C.C.; Lin, C.Y.; Hua, C.C.; Chuang, D.Y.-