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Mar-2018Analysis of the Landslide Characteristic and Building the Landslide Risk Model for Renai Township, NantouChun-Hung Wu; Jun-Tai Hunag; Tingyeh Wu; 吳俊鋐; 黃均臺; 吳亭燁
2015The Application of Nanostructured AuCu3 Alloy Electrode in Electroanalytical ChemistryJyh-Myng Zen; 曾志明; 吳俊宏; Chun-Hung Wu; 化學系所
2014The Characteristics of Dip-Slope Landslides Induced by The Groundwater in Free-End Experiments陳樹群; 陳冠翰; 吳俊鋐; Su-Chin Chen; Kuan-Han Chen; Chun-Hung Wu
Jan-2018Comparison of Downstream Erosion Between Permeable and Impermeable Groundsill Throung Flume TestsChong-Yu Sun; Shaohua Marko Hsu; Chun-Hung Wu; Pi-Fang Hung; 孫崇育; 許少華; 吳俊鈜; 洪碧芳
May-2013Formation, failure, and consequences of the Xiaolin landslide dam, triggered by extreme rainfall from Typhoon Morakot, Taiwan-
2013The Influence of Macro-Sediment from Mountainous Areas on the River Morphology in the Hesh RiverSu-Chin Chen; Pei-Yu Shin; Chun-Hung Wu; Yi-Chiung Chao; 陳樹群; 施姵瑜; 吳俊鋐; 趙益群
1-Mar-2005The Landslide Types of Mt. Chiu-Chiu Caused by the Chichi EarthquakeChun-Hung Wu; 吳俊鋐; Su-Chin Chen; 陳樹群
2013Sediment Influence Associated with Extreme Events on the Channel Pattern in the Chenyoulan RiverSu-Chin Chen; Pei-Yu Shin; Chun-Hung Wu; 陳樹群; 施姵瑜; 吳俊鋐
May-2017Sediment Trap Quantization Efficiency for Sabo Dams in the Torrents– The Case Studies in Southwest TaiwanI-Ta Tsai; Hui-Bang Lien; Zhong-Qiang Lee; Chun-Hung Wu; 蔡易達; 連惠邦; 李仲強; 吳俊鋐
Dec-2014以崩塌率為依據建構邏輯式迴歸崩塌潛勢評估模式Chun-Hung Wu; 吳俊鋐
Jun-2005明德水庫集水區崩塌潛勢評估模式之研究吳俊鋐; Chun-Hung Wu; 陳樹群; Su-Chin Chen