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2005Barrel plating rhodium electrode: Application to flow injection analysis of hydrazineSue, J.W.; 曾志明; Kumar, A.S.; Chung, H.H.; Zen, J.M.-
1998Determination of codeine in human plasma and drug formulation using a chemically modified electrodeZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Chang, M.R.; Chung, H.H.; Shih, Y.-
2000Determination of lead(II) on a copper/mercury-plated screen-printed electrodeZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Chung, H.H.; Kumar, A.S.-
2008Disposable screen-printed ring disk carbon electrode coupled with wall-jet electrogenerated iodine for flow injection analysis of arsenic(III)Sue, J.W.; 曾志明; Ku, H.H.; Chung, H.H.; Zen, J.M.-
2009A disposable screen-printed silver strip sensor for single drop analysis of halide in biological samplesChiu, M.H.; 曾志明; Cheng, W.L.; Muthuraman, G.; Hsu, C.T.; Chung, H.H.; Zen, J.M.-
2005A disposable single-use electrochemical sensor for the detection of uric acid in human whole bloodChen, J.C.; 曾志明; Chung, H.H.; Hsu, C.T.; Tsai, D.M.; Kumar, A.S.; Zen, J.M.-
2006An electrochemical cell coupled with disposable screen-printed electrodes for use in flow injection analysisHsu, C.T.; 曾志明; Chung, H.H.; Lyuu, H.J.; Tsai, D.M.; Kumar, A.S.; Zen, J.M.-
2000Electrochemical impedance study and sensitive voltammetric determination of Pb(II) at electrochemically activated glassy carbon electrodesZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Chung, H.H.; Hangovan, G.; Kumar, A.S.-
2006An enzymeless electrochemical sensor for the selective determination of creatinine in human urineChen, J.C.; 曾志明; Kumar, A.S.; Chung, H.H.; Chien, S.H.; Kuo, M.C.; Zen, J.M.-
2009Fabrication of a Glucose Biosensor Based on Inserted Barrel Plating Gold ElectrodesHsu, C.T.; 曾志明; Chung, H.H.; Tsai, D.M.; Fang, M.Y.; Hsiao, H.C.; Zen, J.M.-
2000Flow injection analysis of hydrogen peroxide on copper-plated screen-printed carbon electrodesZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Chung, H.H.; Kumar, A.S.-
2005Novel preparation and photoelectrochemical properties of gamma-CuI semiconductor nanocrystallites on screen-printed carbon electrodesHsu, C.T.; 曾志明; Chung, H.H.; Kumar, A.S.; Zen, J.M.-
2003Photoelectrocatalytic oxidation of o-phenols on copper-plated screen-printed electrodesZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Chung, H.H.; Yang, H.H.; Chiu, M.H.; Sue, J.W.-
2002Photoelectrochernical oxygen copper-plated screen-printed sensor using carbon electrodesZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Song, Y.S.; Chung, H.H.; Hsu, C.T.; Kumar, A.S.-
1999Selective voltammetric determination of lead(II) on partially quaternized poly(4-vinylpyridine)/mercury film electrodesZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Chung, H.H.; Ilangovan, G.-