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19921-segment Center ProblemsH.Imai; D.T.Lee; C.D.Yang-
Dec-2004An Adaptive PID-Type Iterative Learning Controller for Unknown Nonlinear SystemsY.C.Wang; C.J.Chien; D.T.Lee-
Oct-2003An Advanced Traveler Information System with Emerging Network TechnologiesWu, Chun-Hsin; Su, Da-Chun; Chang, Justin; Wei, Chia-Chen; Ho, Jan-Ming; Lin, Kwei-Jay; D.T.Lee-
Nov-1976An Algorithm for Transformation of an Arbitrary Switching Function to a Completely Symmetric FunctionD.T.Lee; S.J.Hong-
1993Algorithmic Aspects of VLSI LayoutM.Sarrafzadeh; D.T.Lee-
Dec-2000Algorithms and ComputationD.T.Lee; S.H.Teng-
Jun-1978The All Nearest Neighbor Problem for Convex PolygonsD.T.Lee; F.P.Preparata-
Apr-1993The All-Pairs-Quickest Path ProblemD.T.Lee; E.Papadopoulou-
2009Analyzing the breakpoint regions of genomic rearrangement events at nucleotide level by sequence alignmentChu, Te-Chin; Liu, Tsunglin; D.T.Lee; Greg, C.Lee; Shih, Arthur Chun-Chieh-
Sep-2002Bi-directional route optimization in mobile IP over wireless LANC.H.Wu; A.T.Cheng; S.T.Lee; J.M.Ho; D.T.Lee-
Aug-2010Boosted Multiple Kernel Learning for Scene Category RecognitionJhuo, I-Hong; D.T.Lee-
Oct-2010Boosting-based Multiple Kernel Learning for Image Re-rankingJhuo, I-Hong; D.T.Lee-
Jun-1989Bounded-Diameter Spanning Tree and Related ProblemsHo, Jan-Ming; D.T.Lee; C.H.Chang; C.K.Wong-
Jul-2010Broadcasting in Heterogeneous Tree NetworksSu, Yu-Hsuan; Lin, Ching-Chi; D.T.Lee-
Jul-2011Capacitated domination problemM.J.Kao; C.S.Liao; D.T.Lee-
Dec-2011Capacitated Domination: Constant Factor Approximations for Planar GraphsKao, Mong-Jen; D.T.Lee-
Jul-2004A Cellular Automata Based Urban Development Simulation for Taipei Metropolitan AreaF.T.Lin; S.H.Lin; D.T.Lee-
Dec-2005Comments and an improvement on 'A distributed algorithm of delay-bounded multicast routing for multimedia applications in wide area networks'T.L.Huang; D.T.Lee-
Mar-1986Computational Complexity of Art Gallery ProblemsD.T.Lee; A.K.Lin-
Mar-1996Computational GeometryD.T.Lee-