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2014Amino acid substitutions and intron polymorphism of acetylcholinesterase1 associated with mevinphos resistance in diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (L.)Yeh, Shih-Chia; Lin, Chia-Li; Chang, Cheng; Feng, Hai-Tung; Dai, Shu-Mei-
2014Amino acid substitutions of acetylcholinesterase associated with carbofuran resistance inChilo suppressalisChang, Cheng; Cheng, Xuan; Huang, Xin-Yi; Dai, Shu-Mei-
Apr-2011Display female-specific doublesex RNA interference in early generations of transformed oriental fruit fly, Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel)Chen, Shiu-Ling; Lu, Kuang-Hui; Dai, Shu-Mei; Li, Chia-Hsin; Shieh, Chwen-Jen; Chang, Cheng; National Chung Hsing University,Biotechnology Center; 國立中興大學生物科技發展中心; Miao-zhen Luo-
Jul-2016Distinct contributions of A314S and novel R667Q substitutions of acetylcholinesterase 1 to carbofuran resistance of Chilo suppressalis WalkerDai, Shu-Mei; Chang, Cheng; Huang, Xin-Yi
Feb-2016Establishment of an RTA-Bddsx hybrid system for female-specific splicing that can affect the sex ratio of Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel) after embryonic injectionHuang, Chun-Yen; Huang, Chia Chia; Dai, Shu-Mei; Chang, Cheng-
27-Apr-2016Genetically Engineered Ricin Suppresses Bactrocera dorsalis (Diptera: Tephritidae) based on Demographic Analysis of Group-Reared Life TableChang, Cheng; Huang, Chun-Yen; Dai, Shu-Mei; Atlihan, Remzi; Chi, Hsin-
Sep-2017Inheritance and stability of mevinphos-resistance in Plutella xylostella (L.), with special reference to mutations of acetylcholinesterase 1Lin, Chia-Li; Yeh, Shih-Chia; Feng, Hai-Tung; Dai, Shu-Mei; 戴淑美
2012Inheritance and stability of sodium channel mutations associated with permethrin knockdown resistance in Aedes aegyptiChang, Cheng; Huang, Xin-Yi; Chang, Pin-Chun; Wu, Huai-Hui; Dai, Shu-Mei; Wei Chun Wang-
Jun-2016Introduction of the RTA-Bddsx gene induces female-specific lethal effects in transformed Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel)Huang, Chun-Yen; Dai, Shu-Mei; Chang, Cheng-
Feb-2012Lipase catalyzed acetylation of 3,5,40-trihydroxystilbene: optimization and kinetics studyKuo, Chia-Hung; Hsiao, Fang-Wen; Dai, Shu-Mei; Chieh-Ming, J.Chang; Lee, Chih-Chen; Liu, Yung-Chuan; Shieh, Chwen-Jen; Wei Chun Wang-