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Mar-2004(11 th International Symposium on Virus Disease of Ornamntal Plants)The taxonomic status and control strategy of thrips-borne tospovirusesS. D. Yeh; T. C. Chen; F. J. Jan; 國立中興大學植物病理學系-
2003(Advances in Plant Disease Management:399-421)Occurrence, Importance, Taxonomy, and Control of Thrips-borne TospovirusesF. J. Jan; T. C. Chen; S. D. Yeh; 國立中興大學植物病理學系-
Dec-2006(Annual meeting of Taiwan Phytopathology Society, SC-07:110-111)Post transcriptional gene silencing mediated multiple virus resistance in transgenic melon plants induced by a single chimeric constructP. Vinay; S. D. Yeh; F. J. Jan; 國立中興大學植物病理學系-
2007(European Journal of Plant Pathology, 118:333-348)Genetic analysis of an attenuated Papaya ringspot virus strain applied for cross protectionC. H. Chiang; C. Y. Lee; C. H. Wang; F. J. Jan; S. S. Lin; T. C. Chen; J. A. J. Raja; S. D. Yeh; 國立中興大學植物病理學系-
Jul-2005(International Union of Microbiological Societies, Abstracts of the XIII International Congress of Virology, 64-V-517:63 )Complete genome sequence and genetic organization of Lisianthus necrosis virus : Suggests it should be redelineated from Necrovirus into TombusvirusF. J. Jan; C. H. Chang; S. D. Yeh; C. C. Chen; 國立中興大學植物病理學系-
2007(Phytopathology,97:287-296)Modifications of the helper component-protease of Zucchini yellow mosaic virus for generation of attenuated mutants for cross protection against severe infectionS. S. Lin; H. W. Wu; F. J. Jan; R. F. Hou; S. D. Yeh; 國立中興大學植物病理學系-