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2008Fabrication of porous carbon nanotube networkSu, J.W.; Fu, S.J.; Gwo, S.; Lin, K.J.-
2011Highly conductive, transparent flexible films based on open rings of multi-walled carbon nanotubesKo, W.Y.; Su, J.W.; Guo, C.H.; Fu, S.J.; Hsu, C.Y.; Lin, K.J.-
2010Large-sized Fabrication of Tunable Plasmonic Electrodes via ElectrodepositionChen, W.H.; Chen, Y.S.; Fu, S.J.; Ko, W.Y.; Lin, K.J.-
2003NCHU-3: A crystalline inorganic-organic hybrid molecular sieve with extra-large cagesCheng, C.Y.; 林寬鋸; Fu, S.J.; Yang, C.J.; Chen, W.H.; Lin, K.J.; Lee, G.H.; Wang, Y.-
2007A reversible octahedral to trigonal-bipyramidal cobalt coordination change in an aquo-accessible coordination networkFu, S.J.; Cheng, C.Y.; Lin, K.J.-
2009Sonophysically-Exfoliated Individual Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Water SolutionSu, J.W.; Hsu, C.Y.; Fu, S.J.; Guo, C.H.; Lin, K.J.-
2010Surface Plasmon-Induced Photoluminescence in Au-CdSe Hybrid Architectonic SolidsChen, W.H.; Ko, W.Y.; Fu, S.J.; Zeng, C.H.; Lin, K.J.-
2007Synthesis of a reusable oxotungsten-containing SBA-15 mesoporous catalyst for the organic solvent-free conversion of cyclohexene to adipic acidCheng, C.Y.; Lin, K.J.; Prasad, M.R.; Fu, S.J.; Chang, S.Y.; Shyu, S.G.; Sheu, H.S.; Chen, C.H.; Chuang, C.H.; Lin, M.T.-
2007A tetrahedrally coordinated cobalt(II) phosphonate with a three-dimensional framework containing two-dimensional channelsFu, S.J.; Cheng, C.Y.; Lin, K.J.-
2004Towards electrochemical artificial muscles: A supramolecular machine based on a one-dimensional copper-containing organophosphonate systemLin, K.J.; 林寬鋸; Fu, S.J.; Cheng, C.Y.; Chen, W.H.; Kao, H.M.-