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1989Effect of bactericides and fungicides on replication of bacillus thuringiensis and its insecticidal activity against plutella xylostella侯豐男; HOU, FENG-NAN; GAO, JING-HUA; 高靜華-
1992Effect of topsoil treated with J3230 (5-propyl-1-en-3-oxy-6-[1-(4-methyoxyphenyl)ethy1]-1, 3-benzodioxole) on reproduction of the oriental fruit fly, dacus dorsalis bendel侯豐男; HOU, FENG-NAN; 董耀仁; DONG, YAO-REN-
1989Establishment of a cell line from plutella xylostella embryos侯豐男; HOU, FENG-NAN; LI, SHENG-HUI; 李聖慧-
1992Expression and characterization of hipatitisB virus surface antigen protein in BmN cell line and silkworm larvae with recombinant Bombyx mori unclear polyhodrosis virusHOU, FENG-NAN; 侯豐男; LIU, ZHAO-QING; 劉肇慶-
1988Infection of celllines of the silkworm, Bombyx mori, with nuclear polyhedrosis virus in vitro侯豐男; HOU, FENG-NAN; 孫祥芸; SUN, XIANG-YUN-
1989Multiplication of the Bombyx mori nuclear polyhedrosis virus in homogenous cell lines侯豐男; HOU, FENG-NAN; 鄭麗珠; ZHENG, LI-ZHU-
1989Production of the white muscardine fungus, beauveria bassiana, and its infection to the Asian corn borer, ostrinia furnacalis侯豐男; HOU, FENG-NAN; 邱澤茂; GIU, ZE-MAO-
1987核多角體病毒防治玉米穗蟲之研究侯豐男; HOU, FENG-NAN; 段淑人; DUAN, SHU-REN-
1992白殭菌感染大豆細緣椿象之研究HOU, FENG-NAN; 侯豐男; HU, WEN-JIN; 胡文津-
1993白線斑蚊細胞株姐妹染色分體互換之研究侯豐男; HOU, FENG-NAN; 魏良榮; WEI, LIANG-LONG-
1987蘇力菌防治小菜蛾之研究侯豐男; HOU, FENG-NAN; 周桃美; ZHOU, TAO-MEI-
1992蟲生線蟲防治亞洲玉米螟之潛用性HOU, FENG-NAN; 侯豐男; ZHENG, QI-ZHI; 鄭旗志-
1992褐飛蝨類酵母菌共生物之電子顯微鏡觀察及其對寄主之生理功能侯豐男; HOU, FENG-NAN; 鄭朵智; ZHENG, DUO-ZHI-
1987黑僵菌感染斑飛蝨之病理學侯豐男; HOU, FENG-NAN; 李平泉; LI, PING-GUAN-
1987黑殭菌感染斑飛蝨之病理學侯豐男; HOU, FENG-NAN; 李平全-