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2004Applications of a novel microheater in micromoldingCheng, C.M.; Ho, M.S.-
2007Atomic force microscopic observation of surface-supported human erythrocytesHo, M.S.; Kuo, F.J.; Lee, Y.S.; Cheng, C.M.-
2005Biased diffusion of Si magic clusters on Si(111) surfaceHo, M.S.; Hwang, I.S.; Tsong, T.T.-
2008Controlling the mechanics and nanotopography of biocompatible scaffolds through dielectrophoresis with carbon nanotubesLu, Y.L.; Cheng, C.M.; Leduc, P.R.; Ho, M.S.-
2006Direct observation of silver atoms on Si(111)-7 x 7 surfacesHo, M.S.; Su, C.C.; Tsong, T.T.-
2006Dynamical study of single silver atoms on Si(111)-7 x 7 surfacesHo, M.S.; Su, C.C.; Tsong, T.T.-
2007Dynamics of copper atoms on Si(111)-7 x 7 surfacesHo, M.S.; Wang, I.W.; Su, C.C.-
2004Experimental determination of mechanical properties of electroformed Ni-Fe microstructuresCheng, C.M.; Ho, M.S.-
2004Fabrication of vertical ZnO nanowires on silicon(100) with epitaxial ZnO buffer layerLi, S.Y.; Lin, P.; Lee, C.Y.; Ho, M.S.; Tseng, T.Y.-
2004Formation of Si clusters and their role in homoepitaxial growth on Si(111)-7 x 7 surfacesHo, M.S.; Hwang, I.S.; Tsong, T.T.-
2007Impact of quarantine on the 2003 SARS outbreak: A retrospective modeling studyHsieh, Y.H.; King, C.C.; Chen, C.W.S.; Ho, M.S.; Hsu, S.B.; Wu, Y.C.-
2008Intramolecular structures of C(60) and C(84) molecules on Si(111)-7x7 surfaces by scanning tunneling microscopyHuang, C.P.; Su, C.C.; Ho, M.S.-
2010Investigation of Fullerene Embedded Silicon Surfaces with Scanning Probe MicroscopyHuang, C.P.; 何孟書; Hsu, C.F.; Ho, M.S.-
2011Modulating material interfaces through biologically-inspired intermediatesHazar, M.; Steward, R.L.; Chang, C.J.; Orndoff, C.J.; Zeng, Y.K.; Ho, M.S.; LeDuc, P.R.; Cheng, C.M.-
2010Nanomeasurements of electronic and mechanical properties of fullerene embedded Si(111) surfacesHuang, C.P.; 何孟書; Su, C.C.; Su, W.S.; Hsu, C.F.; Ho, M.S.-
2007NH2 and NH bonding sites determined by STM-induced activation on the NH3-reacted Si(111)-7X7 surfaceLo, R.L.; Chang, C.M.; Ho, M.S.-
2008Patterned Fabrication of Single ZnO Nanorods and Measurement of Their Optoelectrical CharacteristicsYu, C.W.; Lai, S.H.; Wang, T.Y.; Lan, M.D.; Ho, M.S.-
2005Quarantine for SARS, TaiwanHsieh, Y.H.; King, C.C.; Chen, C.W.S.; Ho, M.S.; Lee, J.Y.; Liu, F.C.; Wu, Y.C.; JulianWu, J.S.-
2008Thermally tunable polymer microlensesHuang, X.; Cheng, C.M.; Wang, L.; Wang, B.; Su, C.C.; Ho, M.S.; LeDuc, P.R.; Lin, Q.-