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2007Characterization of human coronavirus OC43 nueleocapsid proteinHou, M.H.; Hsu, Y.L.; Chiang, W.L.; Huang, C.Y.-
2012Conformational Changes in DNA upon Ligand Binding Monitored by Circular DichroismChang, Y.M.; Chen, C.K.M.; Hou, M.H.-
2008Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of phospholipase A(1) isolated from hornet (Vespa basalis) venomChou, C.C.; 侯明宏; Hou, M.H.-
2010Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of the N-terminal domain of human coronavirus OC43 nucleocapsid proteinChen, I.J.; Chou, C.C.; Liu, C.L.; Lee, C.C.; Kan, L.S.; Hou, M.H.-
2009Effects of Polyamines on the DNA-Reactive Properties of Dimeric Mithramycin Complexed with Cobalt(II): Implications for Anticancer TherapyHou, M.H.; 范瑞珍; Lu, W.J.; Huang, C.Y.; Fan, R.J.; Yuann, J.M.P.; 侯明宏-
2009Elucidation of the stability and functional regions of the human coronavirus OC43 nucleocapsid proteinHuang, C.Y.; 侯明宏; Hsu, Y.L.; Chiang, W.L.; Hou, M.H.-
2009Enhanced antioxidant activity of Monascus pilosus fermented products by addition of ginger to the mediumKuo, C.F.; 侯明宏; Hou, M.H.; Wang, T.S.; Chyau, C.C.; Chen, Y.T.; 陳玉婷-
2010Evolution of infectious bronchitis virus in Taiwan: Characterisation of RNA recombination in the nucleocapsid gene蘇鴻麟; Kuo, S.M.; Wang, C.H.; Hou, M.H.; Huang, Y.P.; Kao, H.W.; Su, H.L.-
2011Identification of the N-terminal domain of human coronaviral nucleocapsid protein as a potential antiviral targetHou, M.H.; Chen, I.J.; Liu, C.L.; Chou, C.C.-
2009The impact of spermine competition on the efficacy of DNA-binding Fe(II), Co(II), and Cu(II) complexes of dimeric chromomycin A(3)Lu, W.J.; 侯明宏; Wang, H.M.; Yuann, J.M.P.; Huang, C.Y.; Hou, M.H.-
2008Studies of sequence-specific DNA binding, DNA cleavage, and topoisomerase inhibition by the dimeric chromomycin A(3) complexed with Fe-IIHou, M.H.; 侯明宏; Lu, W.J.; Lin, H.Y.; Yuann, J.M.P.-