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13-Apr-2017Dual-Labeled PCR-Based Immunofluorescent Assay for the Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Enterotoxic Staphylococcus aureus Using Cocktail-Sized Liposomal Nanovesicles as Signal EnhancerHsin-Yi Yin; Hsiao-Wei Wen-
1-May-2013Inhibition of Enveloped Viruses Infectivity by Curcumin
2012Investigation of the Microbial Quality and Residues of Chemical Reagents in Fresh-Cut Vegetables in Taiwan, and the Application of Gamma Irradiation on the Extension of Their Shelf-life周鳳英; Fong-In CHOU; 方繼; Tony J. Fang; Hsiao-Wei Wen; 溫曉薇; 蔡汶哲; Tsai, Wen-Che; 中興大學-
2014Lignosus rhinocerus attenuated high fat diet induced non-alcoholic fatty liver溫曉薇; Hsiao-Wei Wen; Teck-Loong Hoe; 胡德龍; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
2011Optimization for the production of liposomal berberine with the comparison of antihepatoma effects, and the apoptotic pathways of berberine solution or liposomal berberine on HepG2 cells周鳳英; 林永昌; 謝明發; 溫曉薇; Hsiao-Wei Wen; 郭旃暥; Guo, Jhan-Yan; 中興大學-
30-Jan-2013Optimizing manufacture of liposomal berberine with evaluation of its antihepatoma effects in a murine xenograft model-
2011Preparation and Application of Huanglian Microemulsion as the Chinese Medicine Dressing for Cold Noodles, in Order to Extend Shelf- Life and Enhance Herbal Favor周鳳英; 方繼; 謝明發; Hsiao-Wei Wen; 溫曉薇; 尹心怡; Yin, Hsin-Yi; 中興大學-
17-Jul-2013Sensitive detection and quantification of gliadin contamination in gluten-free food with immunomagnetic beads based liposomal fluorescence immunoassay-
2015噴霧乾燥商業化生產紅色紅龍果天然色素的探討溫曉薇; Hsiao-Wei Wen; 林芷聿; Chih-Yu Lin; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
2014建立免疫奈米金球之側層流檢測平臺以快速偵測牛奶中的仙人掌桿菌的汙染溫曉薇; Hsiao-Wei Wen; 許萍芸; Ping-Yun Hsu; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
2018建立奈米磁珠側層流免疫分析法以檢測食品中花生主要過敏原Ara h 1溫曉薇; Hsiao-Wei Wen; 李亦婷; Yi-Ting Li; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
2010建立磁珠-奈米微脂球檢測技術平臺並應用於快速偵測牛奶中仙人掌桿菌之污染周鳳英; 林志生; 陳錦樹; 周志輝; 溫曉薇; Hsiao-Wei Wen; 朱霈慈; Chu, Pei-Tzu; 中興大學-
2018新舊包裝之市售茶飲料對消費者選擇及購買行為之影響溫曉薇; Hsiao-Wei Wen; 邱杏鈴; Hsing-Ling Chiu; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
2014虎乳靈芝改善高油脂飲食誘導的非酒精脂肪肝溫曉薇; Hsiao-Wei Wen; 胡德龍; Teck-Loong Hoe; 食品暨應用生物科技學系所
2011運用二維條碼技術建置處方箋辨識系統王惠珀; Hui-Po Wang; 陳錦樹; Chin-Shuh Chen; 溫曉薇; Hsiao-Wei Wen; 林其宏; Lin, Chi-Hung; 中興大學-